Paladin or priest in TBC

I have a lvl 20 of both classes and was curious what advice you could give as to how well each class does in TBC. Is one leaps and bounds better than the other?

Priests are better in the Arena.


Paladin’s only great TBC spec is Prot. If you don’t want to tank, Priests are significantly better in almost every other way.

So ret isn’t viable for pvp in TBC?

Not really. Even if Ret were viable, Disc is in the elite tier of PVP viability.

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As with any expac, you’ll always have a raid spot as holy pally. You have blessings, auras, mana efficiency, utility, judgments and some of the best tank healing of the whole expac. Holy pally pvp is nothing to sneeze at either, you can get far in 2s and 3s but in my opinion priests have the advantage for TBC in PvP.

Ret didn’t become “viable” until WotLK.


Ret, Resto shaman is one of the best comps especially season 4…

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And boy did they become more than viable. Talk about feast of famine


These kinds of threads are not very valuable.

You have time to get 1 of every class to 60, or at least 58, before TBC will drop.

Instead of thinking about this, focus on that.


Holy Paladins are only useful for blessings, tank healing is merely chain heal off the tank in tbc

paladin healing doesnt change between classic and TBC. priest improves in both tank and raid healing. i have a feeling priests will take the place of paladins in TBC.

It all depends what you want to do.

Both are great for PvE. Every raid will want 3 paladins, every raid will want 2-3 priests.

In PvP I’d say priest definitely has the edge. Both shadow and disc have multiple viable comps.

Holy/ret are pretty limited in terms of viable arena comps. They don’t pair well with druid, the s tier arena class, nor do they effectively counter them.

As always, play whatever you enjoy!

i disagree about 3 paladins per raid group. 2 will be the norm, and I can definitely see a lot of groups only taking one (a prot or ret). priest and shaman healers offer too much utility to be taken over paladins


go priest. then you can spec shadow if you dont like how healing feels. shadow priest is in high demand in tbc as mana batteries and they are actually fun.

While I agree that holy is probably the weakest of the three paladin specs in tbc they are phenomenal tank healers.

One holy paladin can more or less solo heal the MT for every fight except something like brutallis, allowing your other healers to focus solely on the raid.

And everyone will want three blessings

Both are fine in TBC, so it boils down to what play-style & various spec options you might want to pursue.

can a paladin really only do one blessing in tbc?

Aim for last season where warrior and paladin made godly combo iirc.

Devs were biased and they made wars op while nerfing warlocks and mages.

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Depends on what you want to do. I was dedicated to Paladin Tanking in BC against all my friends recommendations that they were awful. I ended up tanking every Raid before Black Temple, which is when life took over and I never got the beat the expansion. If tanking it just requires a lot of gear, I had no idea how much harder gearing was on my Paladin until I later played a Druid which had a significantly easier time.

Ret, idk about arenas, never did them really, but in Raids I recall Blood Elf Paladins getting top 5 on the meters frequently. Usually behind Warlocks and Hunters, but Ret was on par with Mages, Warriors and Rogues mostly. Shamans also seemed to do quite well. Shadow Priests were below if I recall but still did great + mana battery for casters, and Moonkins were about last, yet again, but not like in Vanilla. Overall Paladins seemed to hold their own against the vast majority of the classes.

Also, im pretty sure BC you got the seal that lets you slow people. So being able to freedom and slow people and stun and do burst dmg was pretty insane. Also, if they go by patch cycles Holy Shock was a ton of fun, but I think it got nerfed. I played around with it for a while.

Overall id absolutely recommend Paladin. Its the most fun ive ever had in WoW during the BC era from a gameplay perspective. Druid and Shaman are up there as well, but nothing quite like the Paladin.

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