Paladin LF new home for ShadowLands

Hello everyone ! Im Yuth… or Silixy whichever your prefer.
Im looking for a new guild before Shadowlands , I was a mythic raider as a DH and a Warrior but decided to try out Paly and have come to love the class, and decided to make it my new main , im looking for a ACTIVE guild that wants to Prog mythic raid and also does a bunch of M+ , Im currently on Illidan but am willing to swap realms for the right guild , im a very very active player and if im not raiding ill gladly be part of your M+ runs

you can reach me on here or ingame @ Yuth#11355


Hey Yuth,

Crimson Brotherhood is looking for quality players to fill out our roster headed into Shadowlands. Check us out.


We would love to discuss pink box things with you. We gotta stick together you know.