Paladin HoJ trinket Exploit

I chased down a Paladin and got him to 50% health as an arms warrior before he dismounted. IMMEDIATELY his 2h arcanite reaper
278 physical
310 physical
348 physical
316 physical
318 physical
literally right away…
seal of command 474 holy etc
I was full health and he was 50%
He won pretty quick and I’m a full basically bis PVP geared warrior. If you haven’t there’s even a video exploit on youtube that gives paladins and extra white hit with HoJ using macros stopping and starting attack…



lol get rekt kid


It’s not just paladins, its everyone with extra attacks but uh, you just got reck bombed bug or not there bud.


This looks more like a reckoning stack. The HoJ bug only gives 3 attacks.

Reckoning can store up to 5 if the paladin doesn’t attack before getting crit 5 times. This doesn’t involve using an exploit, and could also unleash several hits of seals on top of those 5 stored attacks.

Also, this is the fixed version. Originally there was no limit to how high they could store reckoning charges.


Yeah. This was a reck bomb, not a HoJ bug/exploit.


It involves exploiting an in game bug to get the stacks. Its no intended behavious to get the stacks by sit/stand spam.

There are more than 1 way to get stacks, so blizzard can fix that and next week people will ask for another fix and so on.

Was in vanilla, it stays in classic.


Another reckoning bomb victim… but pallies just auto attack right? xD


Like putting blessing on a tank and haveing them sit/stand spam for free rek procs because it pushes the crit to ther pally?

I dont care that rek stacks from genuine crits - its the ‘fake’ crits thats the issue. You know its broken as i know doing the exact same thing to game enrage/blood craze is broken.

Then why did they release it in the ‘not a bug’ list? Its not an intended game mechanic

They can remove both those methods, I’ll still have stacks.

The guy literally said he was beating the paladin down while he was mounted. There are plenty of legitimate ways those stacks could have been stored, especially considering they don’t reset on death.


I’ve been hit by this. Guy hits me once, no big deal. I fear him. He shields, runs up, gets 3 attacks on me. I didn’t crit him, it wasn’t reckoning.

They basically proc 3 attacks a swing due to some bug.

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5 hits? that just sounds like a reck bomb, which isnt an exploit.


The paladin can bank up the procs, mount up and ride into combat - why do you think they call it a rek ‘bomb’ - it fully armed going into combat.


So, this is going to be the thing to replace server imbalance at the top of the whine list?



Yes, that’s how the skill works.

You jumped into the thread yelling exploit here when there was no real evidence of it.

Yes, there are ways that paladins can exploit to gain reck charges, some of them have been fixed.

This thread sounds like a normal reck bomb, and the warrior could have easily generated more than half of that stack himself just from charging in, hamstring, and attacks. No exploit needed.

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Imagine complaining about Paladin DPS in Vanilla. And using a retail character to hide the possibility that they might be spamming threads across multiple characters. Also nice screenshots.


What a noob.
He should have used SoR.
It seems you stacked 4 recks on him and he used that.
Warrior are s*** for 1vs1 too.

Even if they did stop the sit/stand method its not that hard to go find a couple of low level mobs, stand around fore a few seconds and get the stacks then walk away. Or perhaps just get a rogue to duel you and punch you a few times?

Sure removing the sit/stand bug would make it more tedious to get stacks. But its still very easy to accumulate them if your creative.

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This is the point - its supposed to be tedious to get it to stack. But making it a 100% thing also makes it overpowered.

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