Paid option to 'bank' our Wrath era characters? Please

“Respect Players Time” mentioned at Blizzcon. Here’s an idea to help on that front.

As with some others, I have no interest in Cataclysm ‘classic’.

I do have interest in the characters that came to Wrath classic that I levelled. It sure would be nice to ‘bank’ them to a vault for future use for a hopeful Wrath era return; one day. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Remember in Classic era when you split between TBC and Classic and players could choose which era to remain or convert to? It should would be nice for that to happen with Wrath vs Cataclysm. Even if I have to bank the time played for now.

Please consider this option.


That’d be a downvote/no/pass from me. Good luck tho.


Great idea. Agree with the OP.

If players wish to continue to CATA, to enjoy and play that, great! No one is against players moving forward onto CATA.

Not a single player is against CATA occuring or allowing those players who wish to play CATA to do so.

What the real Classic playerbase seem to be asking for, is a place for them to go and play that is not CATA. Which is a good thing. Vanilla is a nice flavor, but not everyone likes that flavor. If someone wishes to play TBC or WotLK, they should be allowed to do so.

The thought process of not allowing or wanting fellow World of Warcraft players to not play Era servers of their own choice like: TBC or WotLK; is such a selfish and narrow view.

Such behavior and tear down of other fellow World of Warcraft players simply for their desire of an Era server for WotLK or even TBC has been disgusting to see. The comments, attacks, harassment and negativity displayed to those who voice feelings and emotions that are pure from the heart; to play the game that they wish.

Players that post against Era servers should be ashamed of themselves.

Having servers for each expansion being clustered by region and server type, as Vanilla Classic Era is currently, with the Arena Seasons occuring on a rotating 16 week cycle, is the best way to implement the Era severs for Classic TBC and WotLK.

This allows the real Classic playerbase to play the Classic expansions as they wish, giving more opportunity for more players to play World of Warcraft.

Home is where the hearthstone is.


Of course. If you’re going to play Cataclysm ‘classic’ it’s the ‘default’ state.

This would be the option for the ‘not-default’ hence paid option to ‘not carry forward’.

It would not impact you nor anyone else planning to play Cata classic.


A few key issues with this.

  1. WoW is already fractured. SoD ruined it all. If there was no SoD, which essentially plays like Wrath, then Wrath Era would be okay.
  2. Wrath Era is likely to be DOA. The outcry for Classic Era was x100 bigger than for Wrath, and yet no one stayed behind. IIRC only 2 guilds kept on raiding.
  3. Today, Wrath is already at 1/4th at its launch population. Roster boss is hitting hard. Expecting people to stay behind to keep on playing is rather silly.
  4. Blizzard faced A LOT OF bashing for paid cloning services. And yet, you’re trying to encourage it.

And if we keep adding more and more versions, who is not to say that TBC Classic Era needs to come back.
Cata era?
MoP era?
WoD era?
Legion era?

So yes, it does have an impact on me and other players. It also has an impact on you. Also, the support/dev teams are already stretched thin.

You think you will play Wrath. But realistically, how long will you play for until you get bored due to lack of raids and even if there are enough people for raids, are you really going to keep on running ICC for next 3-4 years?

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Whichever one stops at Wrath. It’s a simple enough concept here. Cata and beyond many, myself included, simply no longer consider ‘classic’. They can fragment away. Play as you wish.

You’re underestimating my, and others, ability to remain in an era.

Simply stated, I was still doing the JC dailies in Wrath era the moment they mentioned “Cata” and I realized it was not a joke I stopped logging into Wrath. Why bother?

If it remained? I’ll happily return for anything I wish.

And you would be free to do as you wish.

I’m simply not going to be in ‘Classic’ for any era Cata or beyond. This change would not impact you at all as I am already not going to be there.


History shows otherwise.
Wrath Era threads get very little support. All these threads are made by low level alts, so the odds are, it’s a few people creating same thread over and over again. And mods can see that btw.

If we look on reddit, very few people are actually in favor of Wrath Era.
Sure, let’s say you’re going to be one of those who really wants to play Wrath until humanity goes extinct. Maybe there is 10 of you. But as for the rest of those that might play it, will stop shortly after it’s release.

And will you really play Wrath alone? You won’t, You will quit. And Wrath Era will be sitting empty. Well, bots still be there.

Era was DOA.
SoM died in 3-4 months.
HC hype lasted for about a month.

Even with SoD, being “refreshing” for some people due to lack of chores and easy leveling/catch up, it’s already noticeably less populated, as people got bored of running 1 mega dungeon for 20 minutes twice a week.

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Problem with this progression classic experience is that it is rushing players through each expansion.

Guess what? Some players don’t have the time to fully enjoy a Classic expansion before you whisk everyone off to the next Classic expansion.

Myself, I’m stepping off these progression classic expansions. I will just play Classic Era casually when I want without being forced to move on before I want to move on.


I imagine you’ll come to the same conclusion on a Wrath Era server when there is literally only 6 people on your realm. If you can’t be bothered to play Wrath Era right now since the announcement of Cata, I have my doubts you really like Wrath as much as you say you do.


I don’t think this is something they are going to consider.

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There’s nothing to outcry about my guy.

Blizzard made it crystal clear: no WOTLK Era. They added level 80 boost packages already, they’re full sending Cataclysm and that’s it. I don’t own a time machine.

Honestly, resistance is futile and I’m sure I am not alone in this.

Bags are packed. It’s happening and I’ll be around to watch what I enjoy burn to the ground. Until then, I’ll savor the time I have left.

Just bear in mind, WOTLKC was DOA of Naxxramas-and that’s totally fine! Happy to login once a week to raid with friends.


Yeah, I don;t think Wrath Era will happen.
But wrath was definitely not DOA. Naxx was a blast. Same as was Tier 4 (Kara/Mag/Gruul).
Tier 5 and Tier 8 were a big step up in difficulty and most people don’t enjoy hard content.

Retail has this issue too. Very few actually want to d super high keys and mythic prog raiding.

This is why SoD is appealing to a lot of dads. It’s easy. Super chilled.


It really wasn’t though. Nothing about those tiers are even remotely hard.


Didn’t expect Bloomsday to post information that is easily disproven. Go look at prenerf/postnerf data, opinions are irrelevant.


I can never stand these type of responses. Nothing “about” throwing a 100 mph fastball is hard. We know the exact mechanics that make it work, we know the shape you have to be in to do it, we know how and when to release the ball to put it right in the strike zone.

So why aren’t more people making millions as MLB pitchers??? LOTS of work and execution are what makes it all come together. Well that and some good genes help but I digress.

Everything is easy for some people and most stuff if broken down can be made easy/easier for the majority given time and practice but not everyone has the same aptitude or baseline abilities as (insert whoever in place of you) you.


It’s simple " let me sound elite and high caliber" snobbery. And people claim blizzard is out of touch with the players while some of these posters don’t even know clear rates of the current player base.


You can already do this. Just leave the characters at 80 in cataclysm. This is actually what most players will be doing when we unsub.

Btw, Blizzard’s word means less than dirt. They’ve only contradicted themselves about a hundred times since all this started. They make up excuses to apply to one thing then ignore anyone wondering why it doesn’t apply to something else they do. Perhaps the best example if “we don’t want to preserve wrath because it’ll fragment the playerbase.” These are the same clowns which preserved classic and hosted numerous silly versions of it, on top of rows of excessive realms we didn’t need. THEY have already fragmented the playerbase, and crap like season of discovery continues to do it.

The original versions should have gotten top priority for preservation, but sadly, classic was the only one to actually get it. Crusade was flushed, and wrath will soon follow. After that, most of the subs will also flush. Cataclysm is a junk expansion. Everyone hated it back then. Everyone will hate it now.

Edit: Not surprised people on the forum want to defend cataclysm, but we’ll see who is right a few months after it patches and the realms are empty. I bet even the people defending it now won’t be around long term on it.

Every version of the game is a raid log expansion. Welcome to end game. Cataclysm will be too, except that you unsub from the whole game, not just raid log it.


This would imply that blizzard would do another LKC server, which, if they are, then what’s the point of banking the toons?

You’re coping and in denial that the expansion is moving on. It’s just pixels. You had fun right? All that matters. If you care about your collections, probably should have done it in retail instead.


My brother in Christ LKC has been out for over a year.

What do you mean you didn’t have enough time? The turtles are ignored for a reason. I’m not saying the players like myself who rushed everything is a standard, but neither is taking a year to “fully enjoy” LKC. Time moves on, and if you are unfulfilled because it “went too fast” that’s just on you.


But if they’re ignored will they make it to the water?