Paid Name Changes for Classic

Hello Community!

Myself and many many others would appreciate and pay to be able to change our current name in wow classic.

I have been playing wow since 2005.

i Have payed many many dollars to blizzard and would gladly pay more for this feature.

I dont think that this tarnishes wow classic in any way and only would provide additional revenue for blizzard.




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They’re in the pipeline, but there is no current time frame for their implementation.


The last info I recall was from the AMA where they indicated a plan for Paid Transfers but no other services at this time:


Everyone that I know would pay for name change services :slight_smile:

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It isn’t that they dont want to offer you more options.

It simply was not available and this is the classic experience.

The fact they are talking transfers this soon in is a good sign though, as that did not come until right before BC

If. You would like to see a change to this, classic general forums would be the place to post a constructive post about it. The devs do not come to CS for ideas or feedback.


Totally in support of this post. I hate my toons name and was certain, as in retail, I could fix that later. Name changes are great for the experience of your customers. The app is completely capable of this, so choosing not to expose the option in one way or another seems odd and slightly vindictive. Whether you offer this for free via a ticket or its paid, why wouldn’t you do this? I opened a ticket as was told “No”, and to post here. So here ya go. Please allow name changes in some way or another.

  1. Folks want classic as closely as it was back than.
  2. Name change wasn’t a thing until late October 2007, The Burning Crusade came out January 16, 2007
  3. The CS forum isn’t for feedback, the blue here don’t send up said feedback. Try the general forums for classic to get your voice heard.
  4. And it’s best not to neoc a six month old thread.

Highly unlikely that they said the Support forums specifically, since game feedback and suggestions are not collected from any of them. You’ll want to repost this in the Classic General Discussion forum where such feedback is collected.


I believe the intention was to post in the WoW Classic General discussion forum. Customer Support has zero involvement in the development or implementation of the game and related services. You’ll want your feedback to be seen by our Devs and Community Managers.