Paid Name Changes for Classic


Hello Community!

Myself and many many others would appreciate and pay to be able to change our current name in wow classic.

I have been playing wow since 2005.

i Have payed many many dollars to blizzard and would gladly pay more for this feature.

I dont think that this tarnishes wow classic in any way and only would provide additional revenue for blizzard.




(Ekon) #2

They’re in the pipeline, but there is no current time frame for their implementation.


The last info I recall was from the AMA where they indicated a plan for Paid Transfers but no other services at this time:


Everyone that I know would pay for name change services :slight_smile:

(Mastadôn) #5

It isn’t that they dont want to offer you more options.

It simply was not available and this is the classic experience.

The fact they are talking transfers this soon in is a good sign though, as that did not come until right before BC

If. You would like to see a change to this, classic general forums would be the place to post a constructive post about it. The devs do not come to CS for ideas or feedback.