Paid Character Transfer Remulos to Arugal - Roadblock

Evening. Trying to transfer my warlock Thokkagg to Arugal off remulos. I then plan to faction swap once on Arugal, to horde. Issue is - I have about 68k in gold on that character. I’m starting to realize, I’ve paid for something I can not use. As its not let me xfer off Remulos.

I’ve come to understand, due to possible gold cap per xfer? I went down with Covid back in march 2023 and just parked my remulos characters, as I focused on recovery and health.

I heard of all these free transfers off Remulos to Arugal and I return to a dead server. which I don’t know why, but to kill off the server? which use to have 2k to 3k alliance player base now, its less than a hundred.

I then read if you level up to lvl 81 and the Gold cap amount frees up. So I spent an hour leveling to 81. No luck.

Any help or support here Blizzard CS? You guys created the free transers. Left a healthy server near dead and empty. Life get in the way for some. Come back and fine guilds gone, server empty, AH empty. Part of my style Warcrafting is interacting with players via AH selling Enchants and Gem etc. and playing the AH.

Are you getting any error message at all.

The transfer cap is 25,000 gold at 80, 50,000 at 81 or higher. This may be adjusted in the future, but there’s no way around it, at all. No leveling, no GM intervention, nothing.

You can use the transfer if you have 50,000 gold or less on that character.

Edit: I found that at 81, it’s 50k. Either way, you’re still above the gold cap, and there is no way to bypass it. You’ll have to initiate the transfer with 50k or less on that character.


I think, if this article is up to date, Arugal is locked due to free transfers. Remulos is also receiving free transfers, but that should not block transfers from.


First thanks for the replies.

*No errors messages are flashing up.

  • I’ve reduced my gold to 49k
    *Kozzae, are you saying Xfers from Remulos to Arugal are blocked?

I’ve tried to submit a help request. I am Laughing so hard. near impossible to send anything through to a person without going through numerous links.

If the realms are locked then a gm wont be able to help regardless.


Sent in a ticket. this appears to be their answer.

Kindly note that to be able to transfer your character to another realm in Cataclysm you need to have a maximum of 25K gold.

That seems to be the case based on a couple of the support articles (which should probably be updated to show Cata).