Pagle vs. Mankrik -- whats the scuttlebutt?

Well… for any horde curious… we are a 300+member guild and we are rolling on Pagle, we currently have 4 raid teams raid teams with a combined roster of around 130 players across them, and another 20+ social members that can fill in.

The main reason we dodged Mankrik is because of the trollish behavior associated with the name. (and it’s the same for “Atiesh” and the legendary spam on the west coast.) Trolls and Memes will be all over those servers in troves and it’s not something we want to deal with. With excessive trolls comes toxicity later on. Those are the main reasons we are dodging Mankrik and Atiesh.

In the long run pick the server you want most that goes with your needs and wants.

We are forming a Realm Community on Pagle as well along with several other guilds (both factions) We have thousands of members already between all our guilds.

We will be organizing server events for the entire realm to attend. Everything from a variety of tournaments both pve and pvp, yearly large world events, and monthly smaller events too. So pick any server you like, but know that we will be having a grand ole time on Pagle, on both horde and alliance.


I think they should combine the 2 and call it Managle, so there is balance…WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!!!

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the same reason I was going to go Pagle…i’m not a big raider(or haven’t been in the past) is there a casual aspect to your guild? I’ll be damned if I’m rolling filthy alliance.

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Both Servers are going to be packed full of Alliance and Horde.

That is all.


Yeah, from what I have been reading/seeing in the polls in terms of faction balance:

Pagle = Stormrage
Mankrik = Area 52


well my guild advertisement is this…

I would say we have casual and social aspects if it’s within the top 3 advertising points of the guild. Also as long as you can complete our interview process your welcome into the guild.

nice, sounds great, I’ll look you up the 26th/27th if you are taking new members.

I disagree… anything over 60-40 sucks imo…

Faction balance is very important to me.

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I’m going Mankrik since I’ll be playing Horde of course… If it is populated mostly with Horde, GOOD!! My main already plays on Thrall which is like 78% Horde… The lesser I have to see Alliance, the better…


Ok, Nat Pagle, Mankrik, and a Tauren priest walk into a battleground…stomp me if you’ve herd this one…


On a PVE server, the minority faction can still get along just fine and have a good economy going at 40%.


For this reason, I suspect Alliance will lean toward Pagle, Horde toward Mankrik.

So you should roll on a PvP server… right? Server balance is more suited for that… although it does help for BG queues… Horde generally are more PvP oriented… so even with an Alliance predominate server… queues should roll as well as can be expected.

You might not want to wait too long… We have a hard roster cap at 300 unique members. 200 raiders and 100 socials. When those spots fill we will no longer accept new members into the guild.

Each person is allowed 3 characters into the guild making a roster cap of 900 and the additional 100 slots is allotted for “guild resources” such as summoners and guild banks, and the occasional I can only join if my friend/husband/wife can join too circumstances.

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Then how do I join now?

click the link in my post. to my guilds recruitment. and we can get you setup on discord.

Most guilds these days are using discord/curse/teamspeak/ventrilo/guild-websites/guild-forums to do recruitment. We use discord since it puts our voice service & all other information in 1 spot easy to access.

It’s really strange, from reading these boards it seems Asmongold is going to be rolling on and playing on every server simultaneously. Crazy that he has that kind of dedication, to ruin the play experience for every single server.

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I will check this out tonight, back to work now lol, thanks.

Wouldn’t the actual # of people matter more than percentages for the economy? Like if you have 2 dudes on one faction and 8 on the other, the economy will suck for both. But if you had 20k on one and 80k on the other, the economy would be fine. I think. I don’t know the actual threshold # of people to have a decent economy, just that faction percentages shouldn’t be an issue if you have enough buyers and sellers. Probably gets complicated when you go into subgroups of people farming mats vs gear or standing around offering services…

Percentages probably matter a lot on the World PVP side if you go beyond a 60/40 split. (I read far enough to see someone say battlegrounds will be cross-server.)

As for server names, nught’ve been good for them to post a bigger tentative list and have a vote on the forum. Post a survey monkey link with multiple choice and maybe no freetext answer if they didn’t want to spend time evaluating freetext answers. :slight_smile: (And pardon if they did and I just missed that communique. Battlenet client message about the stress test was the beginning of my serious engagement on this forum.)

Edit: corrected a couple of typos/missing words that changed meaning of things.

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Filthy?! At least we bury our dead, you have an entire faction of them just walking around with their jaws just hanging out (or missing entirely)