P2 is only 3 weeks

Oh, I know it does.

there are people who only want to grief and they’ll still camp people at important pve destinations. that won’t change. the alliance is still going to be camped at BRM etc but not by 120 man raids. it’ll be less people. which hopefully makes it easier for them to deal with.

ITT: casual PVE’ers apparently triggered cause people will be able to farm a ring from AV after 4 months of nothing but MC/Ony.

The same player choice of purposely rolling on a PVP realm to behave like you would on a PVE realm, then complaining as loud as possible until you get what you want.

The unfortunate thing is, we were only hoping for a little longer, and now we won’t even get that. Nobody is going to quit because we don’t get to enjoy the ultra-fun that is now, a little longer. We will still support and love this game.

But, the fickle, complaining whiners, who will threaten to leave and unsub if they don’t get their way, and who may leave anyway, can sit bag with a smug grin, and enjoy exactly what they asked for.

At least now, 100% of all the problems are solved.

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Yup. Complaining about joining PvP servers is just as dumb as complaining about BGs coming out. Both are dumb dumb dumb

But soon both WPvP lovers and BG lovers will have a choice. Not that it will stop the complaints

That’s far too conspiratorial. The BGs are unlocking early because people are unsubbing due to WPvP making the game unplayable for large numbers of players on pvp servers.


Its only a choice for one side.

Looking forward to it.

No both can choose if they want to do WPvP or run BGs.

No, both can choose BG’s, especially with Cross Realms.

If one side chooses not to World PvP, the other side has no choice.

Classic was never an authentic recreation of OG WoW. If you expected things to be the same as they were in 2004-2005 you were destined to be disappointed. You know why? It’s because we the players came in with modern knowledge and outdated expectations. The game has been solved for years. Nothing about it is novel now unless you somehow managed to avoid reading anything about the game, and even if you did do that, you still have to contend with the majority of the player base who knows everything.

In short, stop your whining. Classic was always a moneygrab by Blizzard. Enjoy it for what it is, or don’t.


So what does “early 2020” mean to you? Clearly you aren’t thinking about this critically.

Oh well i suppose. The price of overwhelming imbalance is that the side completely outnumbered will choose to opt out of the mode that has them getting massacred at every FP for a mode that puts them on equal footing

I can see why the side thats on the giving end of that massacre may not like that though

Yes, that is the price of giving the players choice.

It is what it is.

Because player choice is so bad lol.

Glad im getting the choice. Sorry that you want people pigeonholed into one option

It was already obvious they were rushing this. Of course battlegrounds are being moved up since everyone is complaining about PVP. “No need to care about faction ratios if we just rush order battlegrounds.”

It’s almost as if 15 year old content cant be dragged out for a small minority of people deep into some nostalgia trip.

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The thing is, not every horde player wants to sit in a raid group bombing aoe on the flight master all day long to rank up. World PVP isn’t going to die off just because BGs are out. People will still get in fights over farming spots, dungeon portals, and the like. The difference is that these sorts of fights won’t be the ONLY source of honor in the game.


Oh no, I’m all for it, but thats just how it goes.

Player choice is what leads to all the issues in the game.

Realm Pops.
Faction Pops.
WPvP ‘issues’.
BG Queues (thats next).

And so on.

Its all because of choice.

No, the objective is to keep people playing before they lose interest and never come back.

It’s fairly obvious even blizzard didn’t know how fast people would consume content. They probably thought only the best guilds would steam roll MC, but are now finding out pretty much all guilds are.

Blizzard doesn’t make assumptions, they wait and see. And waiting and seeing has told them they need to release stuff faster than they would have under ideal conditions.