Overpower is indeed, 1000%, bugged

For my evasion work fine, but at some point the sides of your char hit box count as your back and cant dodge from that angle. I have problem dodging bigger opponets (mostly taurens).

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Interesting, so it may be a hitbox OR facing problem…

I strafe a lot, and this may be contributing to my getting hit… This was NEVER an issue in vanilla, ill have to do a little testing.

Dodges, misses, parries, and full resists all don’t show up in the combat log sadly.

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Someone correct me if I am wrong here but that was always the case, I remember kicking myself many times because I’d whirlwind and I’d have spammed tab too much and spun past the mob losing the overpower.

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You can configure that in the Combat Log under Filters>Settings>Message Types


You have one chance to target the correct enemy that dodged to use overpower - targeting the wrong one will make it not usable on the correct one.

I basically save overpower these days for single/duo target due to rage losses and overpowers that i can use on +3 mobs. Playing the overpower lottery.

Dont you have dailies to finish?

Hmm this isn’t my experience. My TellMeWhen proc sound goes nuts when it price if I’m tab targeting. But I just tested it and was able to still use overpower.

Funny story: if you Whirlwind and not your current target dodges - you cannot manually select that target and overpower without losing it, but if you tab target to that thing you can overpower it. And yes it was like that in Vanilla.

I was not saying it was a bug.
Was saying it seemed like a similar effect

It’s the same with rogue combo points. You lose them the second you drop your target, which is NOT how it functioned in vanilla. I remember vividly being able to cast slice and dice after changing targets because in vanilla, your combo points were not lost until you generated a combo point on a new target.

Yeah this isnt a bug. It worked this way. I remember the same with Rogue combo points. They always wiped upon changing targets. It was not a bug. It was changed somewhere along the line, I’d have to look up when.

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Mained a Rogue since release, the combo points wiping when dropping is absolutely 100 percent the way it worked in vanilla, I’m sorry to say. They changed it somewhere down the road.


That’s interesting, I’m going to try to confirm this in the game. I assume you’re using Whirlwind as an example, and that the same would apply to Cleave and Sweeping Strikes.

That is correct. I haven’t tried with a mouse over macro either (do those work in classic? i have no idea).

Dude the modern WoW combat logos 100% pure trash that is so broken that it pisses me off every time I try to use it.

Just try and filter the data, I dare you. It ignores all the selected options no matter what you do.

I didn’t know this. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Actually, currently all you have to do is auto-attack a new target and you lose any combo points on your previous target regardless of whether you use a combo-point generating skill.

I’ve stopped killing totems in dungeons where there are mobs that drop them because simply switching to, and auto attacking, the totem wipes all of my combo points on the main target clean.

For all I know it’s simply the act of tabbing to a new target that does it and has nothing to do with the auto attack.

Power shifting most certainly does not clear combo points.

You’re remembering patch 2.0 the TBC pre-patch.

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How has no one used the Power Level over 9000 line!? This thread was PERFECT FOR IT!