Overpower is indeed, 1000%, bugged

It isn’t.
When you cleave/WW, you will get a OP proc from any of the mob.
However, you have to tab to the right target to use OP.

And the bug being if you target any mob before the one that dodges you lose the ability to overpower even targeting the correct one.

You have 1 chance to target the correct mob.

Behold, the statement that pissed the OP off so much he can’t just say “thanks for the info” and move on!

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I’ve had Overpower light up during Sweeping Strikes and not be able to get it to go off. Could be because it was activated on a secondary target? It’s annoying after you hit the button 2-3x and realize it’s not lag, it’s just not working.

Sweeping strikes auto attack or ss cleave - being your target actually dodged the ss cleave from the other mob and you swapped target to op but lost your ability to op because you swapped targets?

Yes it is normal. Rogue druid was like that until atleast wrath. After that no idea

Staying on the same target, no switching, and OP lights up but won’t go off. I’ve had that happen several times in the past few days in EPL (farming arcanite!).

Sup guys, Launchd here (pro warrior, serious pro warrior)

I can confirm that this behavior is normal. Once a dodge occurs on a target and you tab away/deselect/select a new target, Overpower will no longer be available to use (even if you target/tab back to the target that performed the initial dodge triggering the Overpower). This is exactly how it was back in 2005, I know because I run an original game server in my mom’s basement to perform calculations for my min/maxing.

P.S. Don’t bother Google’ing me, you’ll only find the meaning of my name if you do.

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Wrong character ofc

Wrong character ofc

I am not. In vanilla you could slice and dice off a corpse that had combo points on it before attacking a new target. There is video evidence of this and it’s easy to remember.

Currently in classic, you lose your points if you so much as drop your target, even if you dont auto attack anything else.

This I would love to see, and I am not just being snarky; please provide.

I have a 60 alt rogue, and you do not drop combo points simply by dropping target. You only drop combo points if you select another target.

There is a bug that exists however and this I dont think is legit…

When you use Distract even though you have never changed targets; your existing combo points will drop.

Correct - you would lose the ability to overpower a target that dodged if you selected it then targeted something else.

Now the issue being i have 3 targets. I hit ww and target 3 dodges. I select target 2 with tab. Overpower is now unable to be used on target 3.

Same scenario but i select target 3 with tab and overpower is usable.

This not how it worked in vanilla because you could tab and hit overpower until you found the target that dodged. You could also cast a sunder for example on target 2 on your way to target 3 where you could use overpower.

Evasion can save you against warriors, it increases dodge chance against ALL melee attacks/abilities.

You are pretty much guaranteed to get slapped with a few Overpowers, but that damage could still be far less than if you hadn’t popped it.

They also have a 1.12 reference client of vanilla. I’m fairly certain they know how it should work.

Yes, it is this
Dropping target (meaning picking a new one) clears combos
I believe that is intended.

Nope, can form shift all day long and keep combo points
pop out of cat heal, drop to bear cause of adds, swipe adds a bit
pop out of bear, heal, pop to cat all 4 combos still there, hit the 5th and unleash the finisher for the DOT, pop to bear again cause the adds are being annoying.

Long as you do not release your target, the combos absolutely 100% stay



(Real sentence)

I don’t disagree. I just have 2 comments:

  1. I hope you reported this to Blizzard. This is NOT the bug report forum. Blizzard does NOT fix bugs that are talked about in this forum.

  2. '%" means “per cent” which means “per hundred”. So you are one thousand confident per hundred? I don’t think that means anything.