Overpower is indeed, 1000%, bugged

So after much testing I can confirm with 1000% confidence that overpower is bugged. If you tab away and back to the target that dodged, even within the 5 second overpower window, the overpower disappears. PLEASE FIX this is HELLA annoying.


I tab after a cleave to the target that dodged and I can still overpower. Pretty sure of it. But will test it when I get time.

Edit: NVM I misread what you wrote. I have not tried going back to the ddogeing critter after leaving it

If that is the case then it is bugged specifically in relation to whirlwind.

EDIT: Yea I’m testing now to see if it does it with other moves, but it definitely does it with whirlwind.

I thought I had made a mistake but this seems to happen frequently with ww

Yup can confirm it does it with everything. I was just auto attacking a mob, it dodged, I targetted something else and then retargetted the mob that dodged within the 5 second window and the overpower disappeared.

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not a bug

vanilla experience


Untrue, this was not how it worked in vanilla. Or ever for that matter.

Argue what you want, I played warrior in vanilla, thats how it was.

because you are likely too lazy to read:
Overpower procs will be lost if the Warrior changes targets away from the target that dodged.


Same thing happens with druid and rogue combos.
Think it is normal?


Lol what?

Why would they lie?

Find some actual concrete evidence other then your memory that it is in fact not working as intended and submit it.

They’ve fixed numerous things that they’ve gotten wrong so I don’t know why you think they wouldn’t if you could prove it.


I think there may be a couple things going on with Overpower, or related to it. I get a lot of “dodge” messages in the scrolling combat text that I can’t find in the combat log, so I’m not sure what these “ghost dodges” are coming from.

Inb4 “Lap dog, I don’t need evidence for my claim, peasant.”


Its exactly the same for a rogues combo points, even if you dont target anything in-between.

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It’s not a bug, it’s literally in the patch notes if you go back far enough.
If you tab away from an overpower target you lose overpower.


This may sound horrible but I think that’s the intended behavior.


I’m pretty sure starting new combo points on a new target erases your previous combo points. I don’t that’s a bug.

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I’ve never gotten combo points for putting faerie fire on a second target, then tabbing back to the first. It’s the same mechanic the warriors are seeing, as soon as you drop focus, for any reason, you lose combo points on that target.

What’s even more fun is feral power shifting also erases them, so power shifts now can only happen when there’s no combo points, and your energy bar is empty, to be beneficial.

You’d think the simple solution would be that people saw this, then stop tabbing away from the dodge target. But alas, these are the wow forums.


I find it ironic that warriors QQ about anything given how inanely OP they are.

Question, does Evasion work VS warriors? Not talking overpower but just general melee attacks like auto swings and whirlwind?

I notice that warriors regardless of my use of Deterrence (essentially evasion, it provides 50% avoidance) they still manage to land most of their attacks; excluding overpower.