Overcrowded Realm Update – August 21

Nope that is incorrect. There was 5 PvP servers to choose from on day 1. For Eastern it was Herod, Faerlina and Thalnos. For Western it was Whitemand and Fairbanks. I was one of the intial people that got through before the log in queue happened those were the 5 PvP servers. However Blizzard was slow in reacting to the filling up of servers as Herod hit full within 24 hrs but Blizzard didn’t immediately open a new server they waited until that server had a 10000+ queue.


You are not wrong. From the lack of foresight all the way down to the comically bad server names, it is easily to perceive this launch as something blizzard is hoping will fail.


I’m not going to be happy with a queue since I’m on Whitemane. However, I will tolerate it. I don’t want the chance of choosing a low pop server to find it dies out in 6 months to a year.

People in this thread say that we’re being bullheaded about staying on “our” server even being level 1. But what they fail to recognize is Blizzard does not care about classic. There are few servers to minimize operating and development costs while pretending to give us an authentic experience. It’s very evident that they aren’t interested in it. The only reason it is here is to fix the ever sloughing subscriptions.

They’re doing everything they can to monetize this game that they’ve said they will not (which is still fine). The 2 week name reservation was to get more subscriptions before the next quarter. Don’t believe for a second it was for the players.

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Grob still lookin’ good :heart:

Obviously they’ve been watching the numbers. They have also made many posts trying to get players to move servers. They aren’t just going to freak out and make a ton of servers without giving the players to move themselves. This is why its takes time to roll out servers during reservation phase. It gives the player base time to make their moves. Sunday/Monday will be the real number crunch day and when they start making more moves with reliable numbers.

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I sincerely hope the launch of Classic is not another Blizzard flop. With all the years of experience , there is no excuse for failure. There are few options for us choosing PVE servers on the east coast. The west coast servers are out due to ping time. It appears the eastern patrons are more interested in Classic. Time is running out.

Lol my pets are definitely going to require more attention now.

If Blizzard doesnt add a PVE EST SERVER in the upcoming days they are actually trying to make sure launch goes bad for everyone…

The only 2 PVE EST servers atm are full… no actual way for us to move.
Without other choices, when the wave of people that didnt reserve names add up to the count we might be screwed.


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You obviously haven’t been paying attention this entire week. Go back and re read the blue posts starting on the 16th where Blizz only was concerned for Herod and never told the player base that servers with High pops will have queues also and work your way to today. The information in this blue post should have been disseminated on the 16th but they hid facts from the playerbase because it shows that they were unprepared for the large numbers of players.


If you would really like to give people a reason to switch servers open up more time zone options. Id jump to a central server without a second thought.

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You do realize that all of the major ones have eventually been shut down over the years? Also, do you think Blizzard won’t be extremely more diligent about shutting them down once Classic is live and they’re directly taking subs away from them? It’s $$, don’t be naive.

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You can expect server populations to increase much more at release when everyone’s friends who haven’t subbed yet come join them.

Please open up another Normal EST realm. I’m currently on Pagle, but the other EST is full and I don’t want to roll on an RP server.

I’ll switch in a heartbeat if another EST normal realm is opened.

It’s important to remember that while it is important for them to make the players happy, they are still running a business. Of course they are trying to maximize profits. You’re sort of naive if you think otherwise.

That said, they have done a lot to appease the Classic player base. You should stop complaining.

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Its really going to be pointless arguing with you, as you are obviously in hopes that the launch fails and Blizzard blows up. It really doesn’t matter what they do, you are a naysayer type. (I’ve seen your 1 sided arguments in other threads).

They aren’t going to release information like that right from the rip. No company does. But the closer it gets the launch, yes the more they will post more information like this. ESPECIALLY when the player base isn’t reacting to the warnings and heads up they are giving in the first place. Its like dad telling you, you better buckle up…few miles down the road you still down buckle…dad raises his voice…few miles down the road still not buckled…dad slams on the breaks and you bloody your nose on the back of the seat…dad warned you from the start…just listen to dad with out him showing you why.

Long queue times for hours on end is equivalent to you busting your nose. Players aren’t listening and they are going suffer for it. If more players would make the switch and fill up the new servers. We would see more servers open.

Very few are taking their post serious about high pop/full servers. If the servers they are opening to relieve some of the stress from other servers aren’t drawing the needed people in from the full servers, then why would they create more ahead of time? The player base is doing it to themselves at this point.

PVE needs some attention in regards to at least 1 more server but PVP players are digging their own graves by not moving.

I agree, will move to a new normal est server if it means avoiding queue times.

I moved 1 char. to Bloodsail Buccaneers just in case, maybe that is what they are trying to force happen

On top of that, they used a different metric to gauge server population than in vanilla, then changed that metric, and refuse to tell subscribers the numbers for either server caps or current populations or how any of the metrics work so that they can make informed decisions.

So utterly confounding and infuriating.

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LOL There is no point arguing with you, as you are obviously in hopes that launch fails and Blizzard blows up through inaction. You are the Leslie Nielsen Character from Naked Gun standing in front of the exploding fireworks factory saying over and over “Nothing to see here, move along”.

It truly feels like those who were reserving names on day 1, many who took time off and/or paid 2 weeks earlier than they otherwise would have, are being punished. I would agree that it is confounding, had they been making good decisions prior to name res day. It is truly just par for the course though.

Just imagine the number of players who do not frequent the forums, but reserved names on one of those servers on day 1, then left to carry on with their lives. Just imagine their reaction when they attempt to log in on release day, possibly being faced with not even being able to get IN TO a queue. Now further imagine them coming to the forums for answers, and being met with gloating trolls capering about, blaming them for reserving names on those servers.

Solutions have been offered up by several players, but blizzard is so myopic to anything not of their own horribly flawed design.