Over 7000 in queue


estimated wait time,6 hours just to play the game. I am probably not going to renew my wow subscription.

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did you have a question?

fortunately, a lot of realms have been offering free transfers here lately. if the queue times are a problem, you might consider using one.


I am considering it but I would still have to wait in the multiple hour queue to clear mail. it is a support question, because I cannot play the game.

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having to wait in a queue and considering not renewing your subscription is not a question.

unfortunate about your mail, but you might’ve tried in an off time. transfers have been available for several days and it would be straightforward to have logged in at some point to clear mail.

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You can play the game, just not on the server that you could have avoided on launch day.

There is absolutely nothing anyone here can do to move you in queue.

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The game is functioning as currently designed. It is popular and there are many who wish to play in queue ahead of you. This is not a Technical or Customer Support issue.

Policy is that if you wish to take a free transfer off the crowded realm, you can.

The list of transfer options are here. Free Character Moves Started Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. PDT

You have until 11 am Pacific time tomorrow to decide if you wish to avail yourself of the option.


This is a customer support issue, I the customer, and I need support. This is a very bad thing for blizzard, I came back to the game after being gone for over two years now I cant even play. What is more funny is there are tens of thousands of people wanting to play classic. I would rather wait in a 4 hour q than play the BFA trash. But yea, this sucks not being able to play.

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You got support. They’re offering free transfers off your server. Unfortunately, you chose a server that Blizz very clearly told people would have long queues.

They didn’t force you to choose that server and they’re not stopping you from re-rolling for free on another server too :slight_smile:

Otherwise, there’s still nothing that customer support can do for you.

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You do not seem to understand the purpose and function of the Customer Support forum. Just because you are a customer does not mean you can just demand whatever you want.

The Customer Support (different from Service), forum serves as an Information Help desk. It is here to help direct people to the proper means to get their issue addressed, if there is a means. We help people navigate the ticket options, provide them with current Knowledge Base articles, link them to current information from Blizzard, or even explain policy basics.

You were given the correct response - information stating that there is a free transfer available if you wish to take it. You were given the expiration date and list of available transfer locations.

If you wish to suggest the Developers change the way the game works, you can use the in-game suggestion tool or post on the Classic General Forums. Forum Support Agents here do not pass suggestions on to the Devs. That is the function of the Community Managers who you find outside of the Support forums.

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