Out of sheer curiosity

For accurate reponses you cant poll a question like that. People are going to hide their true feelings.

I’m 39 and don’t give a crap. I’ve been giving it time to work itself out a little. I figure by the time I’m ready to play tomorrow or the next day, I can make a good selection of where to go.

Patience is a virtue…

I’m just over 30 and can honestly say I’m complaining.

All the oceanic realms have ridiculous queue times during peak (2+ hours) and when you only have an hour or two to play, it’s quite disheartening. Most of my friends who have come back for classic are well into levelling and to have to jump in and do it alone now…

Have tried some US realms with no queues, however the lag is just too bad to play through for me.

If I had all day to waste, sure i’d log in, queue up and then go do something else.

To really flesh out where my stance is:
I think people should get their money’s worth - aka - a good experience for their hard-earned money spent.
I’m also a realist though. I don’t expect everything to always go great. It’s why we all have bad days and good days right.
Ultimately though - the amount of hype I saw in beta, and the issues happening in beta - 100% prompted my expectation for classic wow launch to have delays/queues/lag. (i didn’t participate in beta personally, just watched twitch and heard from friends who participated).
If the servers were wonky, i had a plan -> it’s to do something else and not stare at a queue screen. I don’t feel like i’m missing out, not staying with the leveling curve or being the first to get gear/etc. I remember wow getting boring at times. Logging on only to raid. The queues and delay in leveling just means wow classic will last a little longer for me.

Also, i don’t think age has anything to do it with. I think it’s more along the lines that instant gratification is a new norm for everyone with the way technology and services are now compared to 15 years ago.

Over fifty here and expected these issues for at least the first couple weeks. The rage-quitting posts are fun to read. Pass the popcorn as I read them while waiting in queue.

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“Out of sheer curiosity” is the name of the thread and “because of my daughter’s generational studies class” is the given explanation.

Normally I like to take people at face value, but this post is just so weird that I can’t help myself from being suspicious.

I’m 29 and I’ve been complaining about how Blizzard should have had more servers before launch. I 100% expected there to be queues though, I just expected them to have more servers before launch so the queues weren’t this bad.

to be fair, they did mention 2 weeks before launch, that there could be massive queues for the servers that most are complaining about:

from: New WoW Classic Realm Open

Right, so they opened like 2 more servers and told people to move there instead. People did move there, and the queues on those servers were worse on launch than the original servers.

That’s how badly they needed more servers before launch. They made more because of the 10k+ queues on name reservation day for the overflow from that, but never even thought about or bothered to make more servers for the huge influx of even more people on the actual launch day. It’s pure insanity. That’s why we have such insane queue times now on the vast majority of servers.

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i’m over 40 and am certainly not complaining, and i have a queue.
i would hate to think adults over 30 would be getting this upset over classic.

I am 36 and I am loving this game I have barley had to deal with the que

I was talking to my daughter about the queue complaints. Daughter asked me the question I posted. I obviously didn’t know the answer, but the idea made me curious. So I posted. When I asked my daughter why age would matter she said she would explain after I gave her a (general) answer.

Does that help you?

I’m on westfall, i have never seen a queue yet.

Westfall was one of the servers created on launch day so it wasn’t a server that soaked up all the pre-made characters for 2 weeks.

I only had a 2 minute queue of like 300 on launch day but that was when things were unstable as hell.

I’m 28, i wouldn’t complain about the queue, i would simply pick a server that has no queue. I would complain if every server had a queue maybe, But I would likely just make a joke on the forums about the game being “World of DMV”

I’m 35 and went to a server with no queues. (Kirtonos)

I am 31 and while I am not actively complaining I can understand why people would be upset by this.

They don’t have time to wait between work and family not to mention they were more then likely meeting up to play with friends from highschool and the like

Big girls dont cry

Over 30 and accepted the fact of Queues were expected, esp. since Video Game Acapella Cover Singer Smooth McGroove said he was going to be on Pagle, the server I chose.

I expected and anticipated long queues both Day of and Week of the launch. Only time I was growing impatient was yesterday when the queue looked like it was bugged, but it was only 2 hours. Today it’s roughly 70 minutes.

I am a couple years just shy of 30, and honestly, everything that has been going on, I expected to happen, so I know better than to complain. I foreseen this happening and it’s sad that people who are complaining haven’t done the same to be in the correct mindset of a game that is experiencing it’s launch.

I’m 50, played at launch, and am pretty disappointed that I can’t play with my friends without all of them being forced to abandon their characters and switch to a low pop server. That’s not fair of me to ask them to do that.

It sucks, but complaining about it won’t solve the problem and it won’t change anything.

C’est la vie.

So… daughter tells me that although it’s a small sample size, the replies generally fit the generational norms… Here is her speech:

Under 30 (generally) tend to be less patient toward dealing with complex issues over which they have no control. The lack of patience increases as the age level decreases. Teens, and those in their 20’s have grown up with a sense of urgency instilled upon them. Information is to be given NOW. Answers are to be provided NOW. Problems are to be solved NOW. When that does not happen, it causes anxiety. And since they are used to the simplicity of finding information and answers, they are lacking in their ability to process the complexity of certain issues.

From 30 to 50 (generally), patience is almost the norm. Individuals in this age range are more adapted to deflecting the stress over trivial things in which they have no control. They are more able to “mentally” multi-task and focus on other issues of the day while those other issues are resolved. In this case, the feeling is “I would LIKE to be playing this game, but I am not going to stress over not being able to…” There are more important things in life to stress over.

Over 50 (generally) tends to revert back to the sub-30 mentality albeit not as much. And the older the person, the less patient. However, it is not due to a sense of urgency as in the under 30 group. It is more a sense of having things work properly and run smoothly. You will see their lack of patience in almost all parts of their daily life.

Thank you for your time.