Ordos timeless island bugged

They said they would removed the cloak thing mines maxed on and a bunch of us in group get ported out…this a bug or did they forget to lift the thing needed?

I just assumed Ordos wasn’t going to be available

nope he is group is killing but some of us cant cross but they need more people but a lot of us cant enter

This was clarified in a blue post:


So if we dont have it in retial we still cant do it?

No? That’s not what that post says at all. It says you need to hit level 70 on a Timerunner, get the legendary appearances, then you’ll have access to Ordos for your account.

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where do we get the appearance? not showing up in my mog list

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It’s from powering up your cloak by picking up Threads. You need to complete the Threads achievements.

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yep mines Maxed and still cant enter

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I believe it’s this:

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Testing now


The reason this post exists, keep in mind, is that it’s bugged.

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thats what im really thinking or they forgot to lift the cloak requirement hope they fix this

Yes, this is bugged. Not sure how to get around it

Hopefully we get a fix soon bc need to kill him

Still cant cross the bridge with my maxed cloak

Nope idk what im doing wrong

Yep and it doesn’t work.
3 toons with maxed cloaks.

Yes. We know. Which is why this thread exists. Which I’ve already mentioned here:

Surprise surprise, you actually acknowledged something for once.