Orc RP Questions (OOC)

Good afternoon!! I’ve got at least me and one buddy who are considering rolling alts on MG for RP and we were wondering if the Orc presence is solid or if there is a need for more RP clans? Any information or RP thoughts would be awesome! Thanks!


To my knowledge there aren’t a lot of orc clans about and around, however in general there is a pretty healthy orc population if that is closer to what you were wondering? I’m sure some people would love to have some more social orc rp about either way! :slight_smile:



Good place to start is the upcoming Kosh’harg RP event!


I second Zugos’ link. We start Kosh’harg next Tuesday. Come hang out with us!


Thanks! How long each night will it run? Have raid on Tuesday/Thur from 830-1030 CST. Definitely want to get there and rp some. Working on clan backstory to post later.

We will be gathering around 7:30 PM from Tuesday to Saturday (April 4th through the 8th).


We be zuggin around over here on MG! Most Orc’s call the War Wolves Warband home, but the overall population is alive and well across multiple guilds and toon! Come join the Lok’taring & Ogaring!

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I haven’t seen that many orc clans but the overall orc population seems healthy on the server.

There’s no longer many orc clans on the server because they all got absorbed into basically a superguild.

Out of curiosity, which guild is that?