Options to the Void Elf "Entropic Embrace" racial effects

FIrst. highelf thread again.

Second. I won’t support this until every single class had at least 2-3 different colors and animations for their primary spells. Thats far higher priority than a racial.

Is every thread to you a High Elf thread?

This one is.

I’m not saying you have a problem with the skin tones. I’m saying that having being okay with skin tone options but not okay toggling the visual of the racial is a contradiction.

Skin tone options and toggling the visuals on a racial are two different things and can hardly be considered a contradiction and it’s kind of silly to make that comparison.


Right. So, you better go tell Blizzard that too, in there own thread as well.

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Saying that you’re happy for customization in skin tones but not in racials is a bit of a contradiction to my ear.

(Observation): One is a tremendous undertaking that would probably be a main feature for an expansion. The other is probably 5 minutes of coding, if that. Logically, one would prioritize the more readily finished task.

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Then you should maybe perhaps look up the definition of contradiction because I don’t believe you’re using it right.

I said I was open to the idea of the visual being changed as long as it was in line with the racial it’s supposed to portray.

Can you stop quoting me on things I never said please?


Can you two play nice instead of contradict each other!

(Commentary): To be fair I’m not sure it’s a contradiction either, but there’s a certain logic from the perspective that one is alright with High Elf skin tones and other customization, but drawing the line at a racial’s forceful and frequent appearance change ruining that. As I’ve said elsewhere, Entropic Embrace would just discourage players who want to be High Elves from engaging in combat, to avoid it, and right now, the Alliance needs more end-game participation, which revolves around combat. Ergo, a simple toggle for Entropic Embrace’s visual effect to be turned on or off is healthy in the long run. Not that I think it’ll solve the Alliance’s end-game participation problems at all, mind you, simply that it’ll effect it on some level.

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It would be cool of other race/class combinations got some love though. Maybe Tauren paladins could have their spells colored orange or something, anything to set them apart from the standard paladin. Just off the top of my head


Hey like I said above, I’m totally open to the idea of it being toggable. I mean, whos to say that void elves haven’t figured out how to control their forms and are evolving to become better void elves? I’d love to leave it on all the time but then we’d be taking away from shadow priests and i’m sure the graphics would probably mess up somehow during the overlay of shadowform/entrophic form lol.

It just gets a little iffy for me when people start asking to change the racial into something that has nothing to do with the race itself. Better visuals that have to do with the void? Yes.

Like I said above, i’m not an unreasonable person when people ask for things that are well, reasonable.

Lock got green fire. Wasn’t 5 minutes of coding. wasn’t an xpansion feature.

I’d like this to be rolled out to more classes.

Feature planning doesn’t work like that. If you just add features to software nilly willy, your code will become unmaintainable very quickly.

If blizz are seeing this thread at all, im certain the only internal discussion related to it would be the numerous “i told you so” from those who were against the skin tone addition.

People can be happy for one option and not for another, it’s not a crazy concept.

I don’t know how asking for the effect of Entropic Embrace to be an option of being disabled to be asking for something that doesn’t suit a Void Elf.

(Commentary): I fully support racially themed class skins. I just think it’s too much to hope for with Shadowlands. Perhaps it’ll be the next big thing, for the expansion afterwards.

(Commentary): On this I entirely agree. Entropic Embrace should let you look more like Alleria, with that pitch black skin tone, white hair, etc… that’d be fantastic. I also think it’d be great if when it procs you don’t go purple/black, just as a bone to the High Elf crowd.

(Speculative): I may be wrong, but all Warlocks skills had variants for green fire thanks to Burning Crusade, just being usable by enemies. So, that would’ve been 5 minutes of coding since the visuals already existed.

(Commentary): Amusingly, I was informed that if one is under a transformation effect, Entropic Embrace doesn’t actually show, like using the Orb of Transformation.

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I’m not misquoting you. I haven’t even quoted you directly. If you’re only happy with the skin tone customization because you want the void racial to be visible, I think you’re being disingenuous.

You can tell me where I’m wrong when I say this:

You want to allow players to pretend their character is a Quel’dorei, except for the racial that reminds them they’re actually Ren’dorei.

Sure, and that’s fine. But they can also acknowledge that allowing the option doesn’t take away theirs.

(Commentary): You’re wrong.

Asking for the toggable effect is completely reasonable in my eyes.

Like I said above, i’m just not down with people trying to change it to a light-based racial. :slight_smile: