Oooo finally!

The next patch changes API disables add ons from communicating with custom chat channels. Tried to tell people it would happen and they finally did it. Thank you blizz! A welcome change!


What specific addons did this? I’m just curious what it was used for. LFG addon?

Ya. Idk what else, but I know lfg uses custom channels. Not like it was heavily used but it never should have even been allowed to be made. People I argued with screamed at the top of their lungs “blizz won’t change api to break this!” Well… told ya so?

It really isn’t something that’s going to break anything as we just have more sophisticated modders now who can create more interesting solutions and work-arounds.

Blizzard is actively trying to break a mod then if someone tries a work around they will incur some blizz wrath imo. GL :slight_smile: LFGadd on is bye bye!

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they didn’t change the api to break that, they changed the api to break honorspy which was transmitting too much data and costing blizzard handfuls of money



Umm… you don’t understand how the API jigsaw works do you? By restricting one channel communication, addon authors will just rework the addon to utilize a different channel. That’s it. The LFG Addon can just use whisper communication and suppress the message spam at the same time, just like many other addons already do it.

And you don’t understand that if Blizz wants it gone, it will be gone.

By utterly breaking addons being able to “whisper” you?


The custom channel communication came late in Vanilla, so I can roll with that being restricted, but Party, Raid, Guild, and Whisper have been default since before Patch 1.1.

Good luck

Does LFG addon use custom chat? I haven’t used it but I was under the impression that it parses existing Blizzard chat channels.

It works without being in lfg channels.

/leave lfg might not show it on your screen but that does not remove addon access. The channel exists. The addon can use it.

Many channels are available, including whispers. The addon can support it’s chat so you never see it using the channel.

Yes, but my point is that doesn’t parse data directly from lfg channels. The particular addon I use has it’s own channel that is most likely used to transfer data.

Original WoW disclosed:

  • Server population cap,
  • Current server population,
  • Weekly rankings.

Blizzard does not disclose these data points in Classic WoW. Also, we have not seen a rank tier percentiles table in official announcements, so we have to cite old data. The one thing all these have in common with disabling HonorSpy is population numbers. Blizzard actively hides and works to thwart the acquisition of population numbers. Why are they opposing this knowledge? Food for thought.

Yes but if they keep doing a work around then blizz can ban and disable these addons

They can’t “ban” an addon, they can only deny addons from accessing certain API commands. Denying addons the ability to communicate via custom channels just means they’ll use the default channels like Party and Whisper.

Break those, and you break tons of addons. Unless the Devs put their foot down and go full anti-addon, they’ll never actually outpace addon authors.

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You’re funny if you think mod authors can somehow beat Blizz and push unwanted mods thru repeatedly then you’re delusional :slight_smile: Worst case they make a PSA about not using a certain add on then take action against everyone they catch using it. They did in the past. You precious mod is KO, m8. Gitgud

This would have more bite to it if it were grounded in anything resembling reality…

Literally when

I’d love to know which mod you think is “KO” here since Spy and LFGClassic will work just fine.

The fact that you believe this :rofl::joy: omg i’m dying. Holy hell people really can get dumber.

I’ll give your trolling one last chance to be taken seriously:

Prove this up or go away.