Oooo finally!

Blizzard has a problem with hidden networks of people that add-ons make.

LFG addons that use public channels and chat parsing shouldn’t have any issues with these changes. Just parse each word into a string, check if any of the strings match a key phrase/word for a dungeon group, then categorize the LFG messages to the matches.

Raid and guild comms are what Spy mainly use, because open comms create some vulnerabilities. You are broadcasting your own location. It can be unwise to do this at all times.

I legitimately don’t think he’s trolling. I think he actually believes what he’s saying. I’m not gonna say what that implies due to forum Code of Conduct but… I think we all know.

Of all the people to be wearing an open topped helmet…

And as far as I can tell, this mostly breaks HonorSpy or HonorBuddy or w/e it was called. Folks wanted info on ranking and progress akin to what the old website used to provide, so the addon was made, but it was likely spamming the ever-loving crap out of the server with updates and requests.

The “gitgud” addons won’t break until they start monkeying with default channels.

It feels like every conversation with a layperson with regards to anything remotely beyond the average knowledge base. I get why people have the oddball assumptions they do sometimes, especially involving the law, but I think what’s galling is the complete lack of awareness that perhaps, just maybe, more info is out there and they might be wrong.

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They should make API for getting the server ranking list for the top players. Would break the purpose of spam add-ons.

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