OOOF! Blizzard clarified on MoP Remix, NO legendary quest chain/challenge mode sets

Damn, I was looking forward to replaying the old quest chain for nostalgia reasons. To be frank, I’m not going to play. I don’t care about exclusive rewards but I’m not going to support story content being deleted from the game even when they are trying to bring content from an expansion back. That is so cringe.


None of which says challenge content. Challenge content is its own category. We all know this.

In a way, maybe able to take people across the bridge as long as you get the cloak would be ok. I guess.

Ive been hoping for a recolor of the Shaman Challenge Mode shoulders for a long time, and thought that with the trading post, maybe we would get something like that. I wouldve bet money on recolors for the CM sets with the Pandaria Remix news. I hate FOMO, but i do believe that if they say something is limited time, then it should stay that way. I am totally fine with recolors however, and have done quite a few of those recently.

I have honestly lost all hype for Pandaria remix now. there is some cool stuff, but nothing that really gets me excited and wanting to play through it again

Im just here for my yellow astral cloud serpent

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So to tally things up, incomplete content randomy scrapped together-L. No reintroduction of the challenge modes at all, they don’t even need to have the same mogs they could’ve done similar challenges with new mogs but nope-L. very short and won’t last long at all-L. Hard skip. Not gonna support this sad barebones content. What’s the point of an expansion remix if you just remove all the unique features of those expansions.


I’m just HOPING the achievement unlocks it for all classes at once.

Cause I REALLY don’t want to level 13 characters on timerunning.

im sad the questline wont return

i dont even care about the cloak itself i just wanna do the questline


Yeah that’s fair.


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I was mostly hoping for the gemmed heirlooms but those aren’t coming back either. Oh well, would have loved to farm those.

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Neither of these things surprise me, honestly. I was hoping for recolors of the CM sets, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen.


that is a very good observation you made there, i hope you are having a wonderful day today, my friend :slight_smile:

you truly deserve it.

i hope at least the legendary cloak wings toy is useable in combat and the cd have the same(or less) duration of the buff


limited can be brought back apparently, that has now been established with slime cat

didn’t u cry nonstop about plunderstorm?

nah i was with it but then the 40 renown i was like meh

It’ll be nice for those who got stuck on a leg of the quest chain too because parts of it was so dumb. I got stuck on the forced PvP crud because trolls and griefers kept stalking me and nobody wanted to help me kill the dwarf guy


runs in a random direction with my torch
Am I Doing This Right?!

I think BDK was an axe

DK is the only one i havenʻt finished yet, still slowly working towards the mount.