Onyxia threat in Phase 3

Hey there. Main tank from WoW Classic here. Curious if people are having issues with Ony threat in phase 3? We downed Onyxia on Saturday after 2 attempts no problem. But tried again after the reset and this time it was damn near impossible for me to get aggro on her in phase 3. I think we tried 4 or 5 times.

I used rage pots and everything. Only thing I can think is that I didn’t pop recklessness but I also didn’t need to do that on Saturday so shrug.

Either our DPS was not paying attention or she’s bugged. Anyone else have any trouble last night?


I heard they made her deep breath more.


People seem to think her fire attacks in p2 are targeted at her highest aggro targets and its actually an aggro dump, what people have tried doing is keeping the off tank at like 8th on threat so when p3 starts he’ll hopefully be near the top on threat and can pick ony up easier.

Whether this works or not i’m not sure, you’ll have to do a bit of searching to see if people confirmed it.

Yeah she really blows hard now.

Yea it seems completely busted, Ony’s target when she lands is almost always some random nowhere near the top of the threat meter, dps meter or anything that would indicate why she is targeting the player. My guild had to go through like 6 attempts where she just chewed through people until she landed her aggro onto the MT.

Have not had a single issue with that at all, though my guild has good tanks.

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Your guild doesn’t raid yet. That’s why you have to be an edgelord on a retail character.


Good tactic is for everyone in the raid except the tanks pop a invulrabilty pot once she lands. They are cheap to make and wipe out all threat.


meh. same for us on saturday. but sunday w/ more gear it was a different story so maybe i just got real bad.

Yep yep. Ah well. Going to try popping recklessness and praying for the best tonight.

Updates to all. Recklessness helped in P3. She still takes out a few players but it all comes down to positioning and taking it easy on dps.

Bad thread. Most of us are still in our 30s or 40s leveling. Onyxia isnt even on our minds as yet.
No one should be doing onyxia yet until the rest of us catch up first.
You’re unfairly abusing the advantage of having more time than us 30s and 40s.


Handle it!

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I’ve had the same issue. When she lands, she might gib a dps or 2. They just run to the tank position. The OT usually gains aggro before me so we switch. Then, after maybe a minute, I’ll take over. No idea what is going on, but she dies.

Same issue with us, have had no issues with ony until this week with p3 threat. Even with a mighty rage potion dumping 2 full bars of rage into her could not get aggro until many dps died. Will try recklessness this next go

Can confirm my guild also had serious issues with phase 3 this week despite having none last week.

Not sure what is going on but we resolved it by doing what one of the users above mentioned, keeping an OT around 8th highest threat.

Never had to use this weird af strat before.

Had this exact issue last night despite being in a easier clear a week or so earlier.

Might explain why the mages are still crazy high on the threat table and are immediately getting targetted. Will have to try this out next reset,
Rip tier 2 helms.

Crushim was feared into the…

Very weird.
Ony landed and aggro’d on to me, and I was nowhere near top of the threat table.

We even had people just auto attack and wand most of Phase 1 to let the MT get a huge threat lead.