Only the most important questions

Pineapple on pizza-Yes or no?

for me? lord no. for anyone else? it’s their pizza. their taste buds, their tummies. long as it doesn’t come in the same box as mine we’re cool.

here’s my question: after legion, why are Draenei still calling themselves “draenei”?

so… draenei means “exiled ones” in eredun; it made sense to call themselves that when they were, y’know… on the run. but now: they’ve made a home on azeroth, built a new dimensional ship, reclaimed argus, and took part in defeating the legion they had been running from in the first place…

they aren’t really exiles anymore. they’re, idk… residents, or settlers. immigrants. whats the eredar word for that?

Why are you worrying about dwarves when you’re a tauren?

I think they mean to say “you have my attention” but the dwarfs have a Scottish accent so they are hard to understand.

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that’s probably right. still think it might be interesting to see them boldly proclaim themselves as “-insert new name here-” as a new start, or idk in recognition of what they’ve gained.

it’d be really weird if it changed though o_o. spacegoats it is!

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Is no one going to greet the emissaries in Silvermoon? Has Ambassador Kelemar been escorting them around for 12 years like “And here we have an exquisite trashcan…”


Does anyone know where Mankrik’s wife is?


Why do some Trolls tell me to stay away from the Voodoo, but other Trolls tell me to come get the Voodoo?


Dear Vol’Jin,

I keep hearing your people warn me to “stay away from the voodoo,” but a troll woman told me something to the effect of “come get the voodoo”. I’m getting mixed messages here. What am I supposed to do for real?


Listen, mon. Sometimes, people call good t’ings bad t’ings. Y’eva heard somebody say “do da bad t’ing”? Ain’t no bad t’ing!

Ya, mon, ya stay away from da voodoo, but if a troll lady say she wantcha ta come get da voodoo , you go get da voodoo. Ya big idiot.


Why am I called a night elf when I walk during the day?

So whats the difference between shamans and druids?
they both worship the ground they walk on…


If they let you do that, they have to let me tame bear druids.

There’s even precedent.


Maybe there’s tension because you failed to bring them the proper ale.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen Druid in flight form?


Is it true what they say about Gnomes?

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Not on topic but there was a old glitch in the game that let Beast mastery hunters tame a particular Warg in Northrend that was in fact a Worgen and would revert to Worgen Form after the tame and stayed like that until you logged off or dismissed him.

Why does everyone else on Kul Tiras keep calling me main-lander and outsider?

It’s hurtful.


Why is it that these NPCs act like they don’t know me, when I saved their collective buttocks from death more times than I have voices in my head…


I was actually kinda hurt when I got Thisalee Crow to be my follower in WoD, and she acted like she had never seen me before. I was like "Don’t you remember our cool adventures in Mt. Hyjal?


Why are NPC versions of your race always taller than you are ?