Only the most important questions


ask only the weird and stupid questions you haves when playing.
dont turn this in to a complaint form. if you do i will report you to the gnome master race.

why do dwarf flightpath master always tell me to “keep ya feet on the ground”?

(Tovi) #2

The more important question is why do they keep telling me to wash my back? I’m undead and would melt if I took a bath/shower.

(Kaivax) #3

Sticking with the theme …

Why do dwarves say “ya got my tension”? I’m also a dwarf. There shouldn’t be any tension between us.

(Karat) #4

It’s because they think you’re a sexy beast and don’t know how to express their emotions.


I just choked on my coffee, thanks Tovi.

(Kirela) #6

You need to turn your sound up I think. I like that line.

(Tsavis) #7

Why is it called Invisible I can see it.


Why does Nathanos still rant about needing the Zandalari fleet to join the Horde? It’s a little late…

(Revannia) #9

Why do gnomes tell other gnomes “My you’re a tall one?” … half the time they’re an inch (or so) taller than my gnome :joy:


Why do Demon Hunter NPC’s ask my Dk “I’ve sacrificed everything, what have you given?”

(Tovi) #11

Right? :roll_eyes:

(Chalices) #12

“My, You’re a tall one!”
I am on my gnome. We are literally the same height.

(Gaahr) #13

Worgen vendors who tell me to “get gabbin’ or get goin’.” Like, are you for real? Your entire business relies on people like me buying your wares, and I ain’t gonna be too inclined to buy if you’re rushing me out as soon as I walk in.

I just wish they would be a little nicer. :frowning:

(Vicktoria) #14

why are there no ducks

does someone at blizzard headquarters have a odd duck phobia?


How on earth is this thread so mature and yet so immature at the same time?

2 claps for OP for this sorcery.


Can I have a Demon Hunter as a pet? They are technically demons right?

(Ceres) #17

Why are we still saying the Legion must fall? Did they like not get the memo?

And no my niece can buy her own car.


(Tovi) #19

/sage nod


But what if a shaman tries to heal you?!