Only One Left In Guild, Can't Oust GM Who's Been Gone For 10 Years

I literally put in a ticket last night about this and was redirected to come here for help. My character helped run a guild waaay back, but when I took a break from gaming I was downgraded to initiate. The GM has been absent for 10 years now and I’m not sure the character even exists anymore, but they still show up as GM current. As I am initiate level, I can’t opt to oust the old GM. I don’t want to just leave because I have gold and mats tied up in the guild vault that I now cannot access because I’m initiate level. At this point what can I do to try to recover the stuff in the guild vault? (not that attached to actual guild itself, everyone’s left and I don’t mind starting fresh in a different guild)

if you are unable to dethrone the guild leader, there’s nothing you can do.
Anything in the guild bank, is property of the guild leader.


Unfortunately, nothing. GMs are not able to give you the guild any longer. The only option is the guild dethrone feature.


Botom line is unless ur rank 4-1 it wont happen GMS are hands off now.


I’m afraid you cannot, Blakkdahlia. If you are not of the rank to dethrone the current guild leader or have permissions to access the guild bank, Customer Support cannot circumvent those permissions. Sorry.


The only option open to you is if you can somehow contact your old GM outside of the game. Discord. Email. Bnet friends. If any of your old associates are still around, perhaps they have a way of reaching out.

A positive note though, gold is terribly easy to come by, these days. At level 70 - doing quests, dailies, weeklies, anything at all - you can pretty easily rake in gold. The mats, with all the AHs connected no matter faction or even realm? You can find most anything on there and not be gouged for them. Most prices have been driven down across the board because how things are linked up like they are these days.

I’m sorry it’s not the answer you were seeking, but hope isn’t lost completely to pick things back up without reclaiming what is in the guild bank. Good luck to you.


This is also the reason why I reserve the top 4 guild ranks for only my characters in my personal gbank. That way if I ever do actually invite someone else, I am assured that I will always retain control forever.

Basically rank 1 is the GM. Rank 2 is all my other characters. Rank 3-4 are always left unused. Anyone else is capped at rank 5.

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Thats fair would be nice if a gm does take extended break they leave a way to get in contact with them so a guild doesnt die with them. The gm can always ask a gm to switch gms for them i think they cand do that they dont give a day of game time anymore.

You can dethrone the leader after they have been offline for 3ish months. Then at that time you should be able to go into the guild interface. Click their character and should have a way to dethrone them. I just did so about a month or so ago on my alt.

They can’t. Their posting character is rank 5.


If this is the guild, they are rank 5 in a 2 person guild. You have to be with in 3 ranks of the leader to dethrone.


Did not know about the rank requirement, thank you.

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