Only Classic characters

I would like to post on the forums on my retail characters, but they are not showing up as an option. What happened to my retail characters?

I am playing both Classic and retail, when I log in, it shows my retail character, but when I go to the forums to post, I only see my Classic characters.


Hey Jordon!
Our forum services were having some issues earlier, but our forum dev team has everything working again. Would you mind checking again and confirming that it’s working for you as well? Thanks so much!


I am having this same issue and can not see my retail characters. I have not played classic in over a year.


This issue persists. It has not been fixed. Judging by the number of complaints it is also pervasive.

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Problem still occurs time to time, really annoying when I have at times had to wait, sometimes several hours for the issue to correct itself.

Yep… still an issue here - my only character option is this one from my wow classic account. :frowning:

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I am CURRENTLY experiencing this bug and it’s really annoying… I don’t even play Classic anymore!

Ok by logging out and back in I was able to switch and my Retail characters were back.

If it’s not clear, many of us are still experiencing this issue.
Since your last response was to claim it wasn’t an issue, it would be nice to get some acknowledgement of the problem at the minimum.

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Same…I played Classic once (to get the DK Mount in Retail),…but play Retail all the rest of the time daily,…came to post on a forum for the first time,…and I can only choose from a “Classic” character,…not all my retail characters.

Same - I just posted on another thread because I didn’t see this. It ONLY shows my classic chars on the drop down menu not the one I usually use (Pixzie-Anvilmar). tried searching the name but it said not found.

Just happened to me too. Just was cleaning my pc so cleared cookies, went to sign back in and am only able to use this character from classic.

This is happening to me as well

This is happening to me as well.

Couldn’t switch avatars so logged out and back in which usually fixes that issue and now I only have classic characters available.

My retail mains armory page was also returning error 500 for at least the last day.

This is happening to me as well, only my classic characters are showing up. No idea why. I’ve cleared my cache on google chrome and everything and it’s still happening.

same here only my classic characters are showing

Yeah, having this issue too. :frowning:

This is occurring, yet again. At first it only showed my bnet as a posting option (First time for that) logged out and in multiple times now only classic characters

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Same same. I’ve tried the ‘fix’ (logout here, log out of bnet, log in bnet, go through all your retail toons, log back in here) and it hasn’t worked. Tried a few times - and now pretty much given up and not visiting forums as often because I cannot find any of my previous posts or ones I was following.

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Looks like there is some kind of issue going on with their forums. I can’t be logged in on both my phone and here as it creates issues of not being able to reply or claiming I have no active subscription.

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