Only Classic characters

joining the bandwagon, also cant see retail toons on forums

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Me either :frowning:

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Back to also only seeing classic characters again. :dracthyr_shrug:

Unfortunately same here, as of within the last 20min, and never had the issue occur before.

This character has only existed to get the ‘get a DK out of the starting zone to get a mount in retail’ promotion, and has never been used since, but all my other characters (all retail) are gone from the list.

I have already tried the typical steps for if the forum isn’t updating for character changes, or having made a new character to get them to show up, in particular:

  • Have logged into a character in WoW and did a complete ‘quit to desktop’ and waited a few minutes.
  • Have after the above logged out of the forums completely and then back in again.
  • Have logged into the forum in a completely different browser that has never used the forums before (having to get out the authenticator for it) so no saved cookies or browser history for the forums on it.

And still just the single classic character.

Fix your **** blizzard I’m paying you $150 annually for this


I have the same problem.

Still happening.

Happening here too.

I guess we’re back to square one.

Same issue. This character was only made to get the mount. Now, none of my retail characters are visible. Logging out and in does not fix it.

This is my only classic character so when I go to “change character”, I get nothing now.

Yup, Only showing classic characters on my "Character change " thingy.
I reset the password, reinstalled and what not lol
I want to use my retail character for this. Please.

Not only is it only my classic shown, its only this 1 character shown…


This bug is getting old, some days can’t post on retail characters. Sometimes have log out, close the browser and launch again to get retail characters to show up, and even sometimes that doesn’t work.

Is this issue actually being looked into and worked on, or are you just ignoring it and hoping people will just deal with it.

Or is the team that does website maintenance just that incompetent.


Same here.
Wonderful bug for a forum :smiley:

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At least you have an avatar. I can’t change my character to load one (a fix for a different forum bug)…


Another day, another bug. It’s pretty pathetic at this point.

Hi - Only seeing classic characters. Can no longer post on the community council because of this too. Just happened randomly.

Tried logging in and out of battle-net. Nothing seems to fix it

I only see classic characters as well. My retail characters have vanished.

Yep, my retail characters have just vanished as well.

I am only allowed to choose classic characters. I no longer play classic.