Ongoing harassment

I’m not asking them to be friendly. I’m just putting out all the ways I’ve tried to be a reasonable adult to their selfish, anti-social, petulant, abusing child.

I want them not to harass me verbally, which they manage, even being on ignore.

I read far enough to know this is not harassment.

Shard out. Turn Warmode on/off

There are options.

Jerk move? Fo sho
Harassment? Not even close.


Absolutely 100% false blizzard will intervene on harrassment/ongoing harrassment but once again its a 2 ways street you cant respond to them at all even to tell them off and ignore them report them every time as long as you can prove 100% that ur not incouraging them blizzard will intervene. And outside the game if it has to be reported to the police blizzard is legaly obligated to intervene but wont step in untill requested.


I lived it, sorry, they DO NOT.

This is not at all how it works. If you ignore a character, the entire account is placed on ignore for the character that you ignored them on. The only thing you would have to do is make sure every character on YOUR account has them on ignore. Ignores are account wide on the side that you are ignoring. It has been like that for years now.

If they are circumventing that by creating new characters on another account or somehow getting around it some other way that would be something that would need to be reported.

No it isn’t, you can’t “get into someone’s face” in this game. If you have placed them on ignore like you claim you shouldn’t be able to see them saying anything to you. I’m sorry but contrary to your very personal attack on a fellow player saying that they are amoral there really is nothing against the rules that this person is doing. You have tool placed in the game by Blizzard to take care of the situation you are facing. You literally simply have to ignore the person.


If someone was stalking you outside of the game that is NOT a Blizzard situation, nor is it their responsibility to take care of it. No one can learn where you live or even who you are in real life through Blizzard. That is information that you would have had to give them, or that they got outside of the game. If someone was harassing you outside of the game the proper thing to do would be call the police, NOT a video game company.


That’s when it’s time to get the police involved. Blizzard will work with law enforcement for these situations.

Ignore the character, do NOT engage, and report any attempts to bypass the ignore feature. Blizzard will take action, though you won’t necessarily hear any results of those actions.


Im gona end this on this note and i encourage everyone else to stop were not getting anywere.

The one thing that were all neglecting to mention is that absolutely nothing is gona be done posting here there no GMS no one that handles harrassment sitiuation on the forums the only proper recourse is a harrassment/ongoing harrassment ticket.


They started stalking me in game. I met them in WoW. They were allowed to continue playing and contacting me, by circumventing ignore, in WoW.

Like, duh I didn’t expect Blizzard to go all FBI on them, but the person had NOTHING done to them, so far as I could tell. And just when I thought I could relax, they’d make a character and whisper me out of nowhere. And once again, Blizz was all, “just ignore them.”

Welcome to customer support not customer service we offer a player to player support forum with blue moderation that dont act as GMS handle tickets or contact the developer.


This isn’t a contact point for GMs, nothing will come of posting here because you want something done. More to the point, fighting about it on the CS forum isn’t going to get what you want because you said so.


Place then in ignore and you wont see them say anything.

I’m sorry not by Blizzards definition. Once again you can place them in ignore and be blissfully ignorant of anything they say.

So we are slinging now? It’s OK. I know you are frustrated. I promise you ignore will make all this go away and they will have no choice but to accept it as you will be blissfully ignorant of their verbal trash.


You won’t know. Any action done will be between that player and Blizzard.

Not only that, you should also file an “Ongoing Harassment” ticket EVERY TIME they bypass the ignore.


I just wanted to add I don’t know if this is actually how it works, despite the blizzard documentation stating it works this way. I had several known characters on ignore on each of my characters, but one of their characters that did a realm change twice (knocking that particular character from my ignore list), was still able to contact me despite my blocking other characters on the same account. I had looked at the armory to ensure which characters were on the same account based on achievement points. That particular concern was not addressed in my ticket when I asked, but it’s possible it was a bug. I tend to put every character I possibly can within my knowledge on ignore as a result. Regardless, I felt confident that my situation would be taken seriously after following up with the GM and the issue stopped shortly after.


Easy solution - Move to another area. That pet can drop from literally any bat in Revendreth and they’re all over the place. The spawn rate might be better in whatever location your farming, but it’s not the only place you can farm.


I don’t know what the issue is with you and them farming the bats at the same time. Unless you are different factions you can both tag the mobs. The loot you receive is not affected by what they receive, and vice versa.


With one exception: if they are farming in a full group, they hit the 5-player tag limit immediately and the target becomes inaccessible to anyone else.

A 5-player farm group is the equivalent of strip-mining. It’s also why 2x4 groups are popular: the effective tag limit becomes 8 instead of 5.


The other player doesn’t “own” the bats. Anyone can farm them. The OP doesn’t mention anything about not being able to tag the mobs.

Zkut, stop trying to be nice to this player. They don’t deserve your consideration. Farm the mobs where you want to. Ignore this player. Don’t respond to that player when they tell you to “go away”. If they bypass your ignore to harass you, ignore the new player and file an “Ongoing Harassment” ticket, explaining what it happening. Do it every time they bypass the ignore. If the other player gets someone else to harass you, ignore the new person and include that in your “Ongoing Harassment” ticket.


I’m going to go ahead and close this topic. I think everything that has needed to be covered regarding the topic of harassment has been and this topic won’t benefit from further arguing.

Based on the information you’ve posted so far, this is not a case of ongoing harassment.

Ruffle is correct. If you do not want to receive messages from them anymore then place them on ignore and keep them placed on ignore. Do not message them, do not invite them to group up. If they use other accounts to bypass being placed on ignore then you can report that and the Game Master team will investigate.

If you would like to see the drop rates changed, you’re welcome to make that suggestion to the development team. There are a couple of ways to go about making game suggestions: