One thing you're excited for in Phase 2

I’ll start:

Whirlwind Axe

Arathi Basin
Though if they don’t fix the premade issue it will be trash.


2 second lightning bolt


SM Armory and Herod’s drops.

Oh yeah, AB also!

I feel like this is just not even a thing though. It’s certainly not the “premade” issue. That’s for sure.

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Faster travel with mounts!

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Horde quitting en masse after being denied entry into Gnomer.

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I will be there

Shatter and ice block to combo with our already 15% free crit from runes.

New discoveries!
Runes, maybe a new faction, STV EVENT and maybe more.

Mostly seeing the STV event.

Curse of elements, Ruin, emberstorm, and conflagrate. Hello 100% more damage just by talents.

I can’t wait for Rogues to have cheap shot, kidney shot, and blind, to destroy people with ease, and hopefully by some miracle a Cloak of Shadows rune.

whatever runes warriors get, STV PvP, Gnomer

Not being stuck at level 25.

Windfury Weapon

New runes, new raid, I am just excited to see what they do. They said they were going to be adding/redoing gear.

Forest Nymph form for druids.

The tsunami of alliance tears about elemental shamans in PvP.


Mortal Strike.

idk hitting lvl 40 and getting mounts i guess.

not much im excited for in terms of SoD since im newish to classic era in general. last time i got to lvl 40 and then quit was when classic launched and i pretty much just sped through everything so my gear sucked, didn’t know wth i was doing and so on. i think even then i was lvl 42 and still didn’t have my mount XD

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