One thing you're excited for in Phase 2

More instances, and just it being Phase 2.

Would be super cool if we could get some hype info here. We’re less than 3 weeks from launch.

having more than 2 buttons to click

Some rune previews would be a good thing to tease. Advertising Meta Rune was a good thing.

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Im excited to see hunter performance fall off a cliff because they have nerfed p1 hunters so much that p2, 3, and 4 will be a disaster for the class.

For reference, warriors and rogues are doing well above prenerf levels of hunter dps with no nerfs in sight and through era data we know they scale with level and gear far better than hunters.

lmfao this BM hunter cope. MM hunter still absolutely rip dmg. and in PvP hunters are still S tier

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having my guild mates online again

  • New runes
  • Talent flexibility
  • AB
  • Mounts

more runes and rune slots. i cant wait to see the kit of these new roles get fleshed out

They nerfed chimera early before it was even being used from 125% weapon damage to 85%. And only rebuffed it to 100% weapon damage as a joke of a compensation buff for gutting the bm rune because of bad pvp players complaining about a pet that could be cced and ignored or burst down in group pvp.

I can garentee chimera nerfs are going to happen a week or two into p2. As well as nerfs ro any other hunter rune that is performing well.

Been a hunter for about 20 years now, i know this song and dance already.

Moonkin Form On my Balance Druid
Leader of the Pack on my Feral Druid.

In short 31 point Druid Talents.


In SoD chimera was released dealing 85%, they buffed it to 100%. That is the life cycle of chimera, not your crying about the blizzard announcement that already told you things were subject to change.

Those were speculative, not promises.

I’m excited for mage pvp with multiple specs, including 3 minute mage having another giant nuke to add to their rotation.

Excited for my resto shaman to take off his mask and reveal himself to be elemental.

Mana spring, mana tide, and overloading chain heal.

The old gnomer items being crazy good, lots of interesting items that I hope they turn into wrecking balls.


No it wasnt

They nerfed chimera shot day 2 when explosive shot got gutted and redesigned, noone was even using chimera because explosive was to good.

I stand corrected on Chimera but remain a skeptic on all the other abilities whined about.

You derailed when you cried and didn’t stay on topic like I did, also don’t flatter yourself, I got to this thread the same way you did.

Because you are uninformed.

But lets stop derailing this thread with your stalking of anyone trying to make sure hunters dont end up as trash.

Wasnt a derail, im looking forward to p2. I just know how hunters will turn out and i am hoping to be wrong but…

I do too, I feel bad what metamorph does to rogue rn.

Everyone knows you get the warhammer, not the axe.