One of my favorite parts of classic was taken away

ROFL nice mental leaps kid. Im sure you have a lot of friends being a grey parsing boosting mage. pls just unsub and do the community a favor


Yes, because i care about parses on this alt toon I use to farm and boost friends. /EYEROLL

“Give me evidence of people exploiting raids”
“Haha I’m not accepting your evidence”


Nah, I accepted it without even clicking. I give you that one instance of that video there were botters (I assume?) doing a raid instance. Do I think that means all my characters should be tied to this lockout? No. Do I think its going to stop those botters? No. Raids have a 1 week lock out anyway, so they can do that once a week. So how does this 30 cap stop them from exploiting or botting raids? It doesn’t. It does affect other actual players.

It doesn’t “take” 6 hours to run those dungeons that many times, that’s just the amount of time before the lockout resets. You can do the 5 in 30 minutes probably, then have to wait 30 – that’s not 60 minutes playing, that’s 30 minutes playing with a 30 minute break. That’s not 6 hours that’s 3 hours. 30 in a day isn’t 6 hours of playtime, it’s 6 hours of real time.


No. It’s on your realm, not account:

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For me, thats my whole account. I’m not going to level up toons on a different realm where none of my friends are so I can play. You know who would do that though? Botters. So does this stop them or just make them switch realms every 6 hours? Hmmmmmm


You could make a 2nd account as well

Right, and give Blizzard more money. It is definitely a solution but one I find lazy and unacceptable. If they want to fix botters, do it. This instance cap isn’t that solution.

Doesn’t matter if you “feel” it’s your entire account. The reality is it’s not.

I didn’t say you have to.

What I am saying is it’s not locked to an account. This is a fact. Let’s not mislead your readers to what’s really going on.

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A fake majority you made up. Speak for yourself alone or don’t speak at all.

Hahaha its not about feel. I did say whole account and you are right its per realm. So then I’ll go ahead and change the wording for you pedantic people. 30 FOR THE WHOLE REALM. That does affect people still.

You said “to you”, since you don’t play on other realms and only one. I took that as you “felt” like it was your “whole account”.


Just making sure we’re not spreading misinformation.


Some (not all) sure.

People who do this thing where they dissect every sentence with broken up quotes, it just annoys me. I don’t even read them. Am I the only one here? Is it just me on this?



Don’t want to see how silly you look, right?

Not the only one, no. You’re not that special :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You just really want to be special, don’t you? :snowflake:

This is just more stuff I’m not going to read. It hurts my eyes! lol

Doesn’t surprise me that you don’t read. You, clearly, didn’t read the Blue Post, correctly and began spreading false information.

Perhaps, Forum Life is not meant for you :black_heart:

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“yay more money” - blizz

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Yup. Exactly this.

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Couple questions

  1. You routinely spam stocks for 6 straight hours for friends? Do you really?

  2. Can’t you just count? Put a little post it note next to your keyboard with tally marks? Once there’s 25 you stop so you can get all your raids in and have a few left overs?