One of my favorite parts of classic was taken away

And the RM price of gold will go up, making bots the same or more real money.

All while blizz makes more money.

Only losers are players

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It is. Stop lying because you don’t like this change.
Ofc it won’t erase the bot but it does reduce their viability.


A win/win for bots everywhere! Truly incredible.

Sorry you only farmed it for one person. I’m not a dick and helped every warrior in our guild get one. Sorry your bum hurts you don’t have friends? Don’t limit my play.


this does nothing for botting lol, they can just buy more accounts
it only screws over actual players, but the people dont/cant farm think mages = satan


By the end of TBC the game will have all the retail QoL improvements. It’s coming.

Its always sad when the people who have actual passion leave a company after they get rich and the corporate hounds come in to pick the bones. Blizzard is the rotting corpse of a game company.

30 lockouts is 6 hours of play a day. If you’re playing 6 hours a day every day you have a serious problem and you should get help. The average player is no where near 30 lock outs a day. It’s mostly people exploiting the game.


It doesnt, though. That you believe otherwise shows you have no comprehension of how rampant this issue is.

The price of the boosts these bots sell and the materials they sell increase. They make as much or more gold for less time spent. The RMT cost of the gold they sell increases. They make more money. Hit the cap on one server? Hop on your boosted mage bot on another server, rinse and repeat.


This is 100% the case and a very different issue. I don’t work because my life is set up pretty nice and I don’t have to. So now you get to tell me how much a day I’m allowed to play? Are you the dictator for my game time now? It definitely affects REAL people and will affect botters very little.


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Hah I’m not going to that random youtube link. If thats some bots farming a raid instance, I still don’t think that should lock me out of my own raid instance ON A DIFFERENT CHARACTER.

mage suffering



ROFL nice mental leaps kid. Im sure you have a lot of friends being a grey parsing boosting mage. pls just unsub and do the community a favor


Yes, because i care about parses on this alt toon I use to farm and boost friends. /EYEROLL

“Give me evidence of people exploiting raids”
“Haha I’m not accepting your evidence”


Nah, I accepted it without even clicking. I give you that one instance of that video there were botters (I assume?) doing a raid instance. Do I think that means all my characters should be tied to this lockout? No. Do I think its going to stop those botters? No. Raids have a 1 week lock out anyway, so they can do that once a week. So how does this 30 cap stop them from exploiting or botting raids? It doesn’t. It does affect other actual players.

It doesn’t “take” 6 hours to run those dungeons that many times, that’s just the amount of time before the lockout resets. You can do the 5 in 30 minutes probably, then have to wait 30 – that’s not 60 minutes playing, that’s 30 minutes playing with a 30 minute break. That’s not 6 hours that’s 3 hours. 30 in a day isn’t 6 hours of playtime, it’s 6 hours of real time.


No. It’s on your realm, not account:

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For me, thats my whole account. I’m not going to level up toons on a different realm where none of my friends are so I can play. You know who would do that though? Botters. So does this stop them or just make them switch realms every 6 hours? Hmmmmmm


You could make a 2nd account as well