Older Player Looking for a Casual Guild


I’m an old player (in my 50s, playing since 2005) and love to find a casual guild that welcomes older players.

I love to level characters through questing and dungeons. I find raiding fun if its laid back, but mainly looking for a social experience to augment the journey of classic.

Thanks! any feedback is appreciated.


long time player returning, not as old as the fella above but too not far behind.

I am looking for just a guild hopefully an Aussie guild.

I tanked through TBC up until T6 with and have one of every toon maxed level before the squish.

Looking to do Heroics, Raids and BGs.


Hi Ferren,

You would not even come close to being our oldest member trust me. I am just behind you as a matter of fact. Our ages all over the place but the majority are 30-40ish A hand full are over 50. We are a raiding guild but you would be welcome to be as active as you wanted. Come check out my post. Feel free to message me on Discord with any questions. Good luck to you either way.

I’m sorry we are us Pacific based but have played with many Aussies and you would be welcome as well if the times worked out. GL to you as well.

Bumping this as I’m looking for something similar on the horde side. Played and raided back in original TBC (downing Illidan was fun) and now just playing for fun. Would love to join a social fun guild for the more, well let’s say mature crowd :slight_smile: My classic toon is an orc hunter

Hey, perhaps we are something you may be looking for?

Grievance is a multi gaming guild that has been around for 20 years this October… we are mainly made up of older, casual/semi casual folks who still like to raid. We realize we all have lives outside of gaming and always take that approach.

We are rebuilding for TBC and looking for laid back folks who want to have fun leveling, running 5 mans and plowing ahead waiting for the TBC launch. We will be raiding in TBC but raiding is not just all we do.

Add me to discord if this sounds interesting and we can talk some more, we are H on Mankrik. Nionya@7814