Old timers?

Jst I remember you from Vanilla BG days. Spent a good amount of time running away from your angry red pets.

And I remember having to run away from both you and Grindage with their one shot pyroblasts to the face. ;)

I don't think there's much left of old-school Gilneas. I haven't really played since TBC but it would be cool to see more old-timers check out Legion.

I come back for all the ex-packs, then promply get bored and pvp for an ungodly amount of hours. I am the official "King Casual" as I dont even have a guild this round. See ya in AV. And if you know me (ally or hordnik), send me a whisper and be like, "bish, come heal me."

I'll make you famous.

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Cystal was #1 horde troll.

300k+ of this hunters HKs were during Wrath on horde. I think I was slightly server famous then. I played both ally and horde and I used to hear my name brought up a lot when gooning around on alliance.

Wrath was some of my best times in this game. Met some great people 1 of which is now one of my best friends IRL. Also met some of the most toxic trash I've still yet to see topped after 6 years of gaming after that, leading to me leaving.

Anyways, I wanna give a shout out to Crager. The first time I ever played WoW was in 2009, I got to level 74 before tasting PvP. Was on a DK with no idea what I was doing. Crager jumped me at Blue Sky Logging grounds in Grizzly Hills and corpse camped me for like 30 minutes. I thought he was the most ruthless monster pvper at the time and I wanted to be a PvPer and wreck people like he wrecked me. I ended up not playing DK, swapped to this hunter, and those 300k HKs, which a lot consisted of Gilneas Alliance, was the result of that day. Pushed me to be a hardcore PvPer, been like 2600+ multiple times and he gave me the push for that.

You da man Crager for real.
Just saw the post. Sup everyone! Good to see some familiar names out there. This is Arconea (previously UD mage) played with TSC and Disrupted. Hope all is well for you! Ive seen Amoc, Jst, Soujirro in game so far...brings back some good memories. Anyone ever hear from Huggies or Trenton? Hit me up to say hello sometime! /bow
(Disrupted) Sarria reporting in.
I was in a small guild called Knights of Stormwind way back when . Took a little break just before Cat but came back for MOP . Used to love doing the raids and am having fun with Legion . Hello all .
Just stopping by to say hello fellow gilneans!
Look at all these old bastards in here lol missed you guys
Anbar was childs play compared to Wind ;P
I'm back !@#$%es. Rawr <3 miss u bb and I'll echo your Crager statement.. loved that guy.
I still talk to Huggies.. myself and Txol just came back but soon transferring out. Also, still talk to Risc, as well.

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Just saw the post. Sup everyone! Good to see some familiar names out there. This is Arconea (previously UD mage) played with TSC and Disrupted. Hope all is well for you! Ive seen Amoc, Jst, Soujirro in game so far...brings back some good memories. Anyone ever hear from Huggies or Trenton? Hit me up to say hello sometime! /bow
I miss my Eternal brothers/sisters.
Oh, thought this was just a Hordie post. Think that's why players from Pirates, who got included into Unwanted Council haven't posted. I still have Habib from UC (which still exists and predates existing guilds on Gilneas server/alliance) on BNet. I'll see if he can add anything fun here. :)

Anyone got their continuous sub little orc statue? :)
Hab of Unwanted Council fame here. UC is ole skool. I believe the founding date is 3/15/2005, so very early on. I joined in july or august of that first year. Was invited into the Guild by the one and only Syras (Syrus?). I thought that Loki and Pandemic were the warlock gods, they taught me everything I needed to know early on. Some of the early hardcores split and created PRIME. I did a handful of raids with them when they needed an extra lock. UC raided Molten Core with another guild called Raging Seriphim (sp?) for a few months. We had some great times in the warlock only channel, there was lots of evil plotting!!! ;-)

I did a VERY small amount of raiding with the "B" team of Beyond because one of my RLF's was one of their top rouges and he would sometimes get me in. I can't remember his rouge's name, but I think he had a mage or priest named Poot.

Like Che said we absorbed Pirates (I think it was two words or something) at some point and we got lots of great peeps like Chaplen/Novalea and Che(or did you come through another way?). In our prime during late BC and early Wrath we had over 150 active players, though we could only ever field about 25-30 raiders. We are small now, but I will drop some old names starting with those who are still with us.

Kowami, Shebaeth(Hernieth, Anspar, Shebbie), Oldemarkus(Markus), Wretch, Rily, Lurang, Tayna, Riannon, Shaver, Peote, Heft(Ditchimus), Sparler, Poocher, Tsimyriah, ... they are almost all from Vanilla or BC. UC was never the best on the server, but we broke top ten for progression once upon a time... Anyway, I hope at least a few of those names spark some memories for some of you.
Kowami just spotted me online today. I've been off for a while but reinstalled during a long hospital stay for something to do. haha

Great to see a few old recognisable names about the place still, let alone that Unwanted Council still exists! Absolutely made my day. :D

Aaaand I just did a character search on myself... Been on Gilneas since shortly after release, in UC since November 07. ALMOST TEN YEARS. Holy hells.
You've all hated me since vanilla. Eheheh. But I hardly get to play anymore. Was in end of legends waaaay when I first started and raided with Nicsnocks (sp?) A little bit in wrath. Mostly just griefed twinks at the STV chest in BC.
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Been on Gilneas since 2005. Used to raid with my priest Avercy in Beyond. I remember Chuck Norris jokes in trade chat, setting Anbar on ignore, battling with Storm for world bosses, spending 2+ hours on dungeons, and the horrors of Barrens chat. Loving Legion so far, but so much has changed.

excel still exists?? I just resubbed after a year. Raided with Excel/Ascendent, Beyond, Storm and some others. Remember the vanilla days of gilneas well. miss all my homies from excel! wonder who else is still around
well obviously i'm still around mistyeyed. I don't know how far back you're going but obviously i'm still here
also excel disbanded in 2006 and was reformed under someone who wasn't in the original in 2009 so it's in no ways the same excel
I've been playing on Gilneas since vanilla and have been apart of this guild the whole time. My original character on Gilneas was deleted and I ran with my shammy when BC launched. I remember Ish and his antics foundly and I've seen a few familiar names posted above, but the guild I remember the most was the horde guild RAID Inc. What ever happened to them?