Old timers? - Elune version

Anybody from Vanilla Elune coming back to Classic, most specifically those who partook in PVP? It’d be great to see where all of you are 15 years later. It’s a long-a** time. I played Horde as Ziekel back then, grinded to HWL with some really solid guys. I am nostalgic of those days. I’d be great to get in contact with some of you. Some. Like, I got limits.

Shadow Manifest, RIP Co, S T O R M, Axis… anyone coming back?

Being ganked by Glaun at Tarren Mill. Going three months uncontested in Arathi Basin with Darklost after it’s release. Hearing Rajadharma say “QT 3.14” on Ventrilo. Facing off against Whey and knowing 100% I’d get out alive. Facing off against Wowee or Shedari and being legit scared for my taint. Mullet, with the server first Thunderfury. Brother and his epic b*** rips. Kiro with his Frost Shock abuse. Evaki and her, ya know. That whole thing. And Kathianna, showing us that trailers did get Wi-Fi in 2004.



couple of us from the alliance side will be coming back from Failure/Inner Focus.
Hoping to see a lot of the old AV/CV/JC etc coming back as well

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I really hope to see you guys on the battlefield! Just mentioning AV/CV/JC takes me back.

I remember fighting all those horde named by OP! I was a member of the Celestial Vanguard BG squad. Both my mage (Backfired) and this character. Plan on doing the same 'ol stuff this time again so mix of pve and pvp

Weren’t you the priest Ziekel? Or hunter been too long. I was with you in SM, Rip Co, LS

Triskaideka or Ziekel as I knew you.
I was Vanilla horde and raided and pvp with Shadow Manifest(Semajdnalloh). Was the heal bot in AB.

Switched Alliance after SM disbanded. Salvation/tea bag venders/forgot the last name after we got flagged. Toons were Nocha/BigOnion. Shout out to HarryCanaryX

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Hey! I was in Shadow Manifest as well back in the day. A rogue called Unoriginal.

Drac here, not sure if anyone remembers was a Tauren hunter on Gilneas for a long time. Wondering what server old Gilneans were going to for classic?

Hey Ziek. There’s a few of the RIP Co guys playing “classic” casually, but nobody really hardcore. Fanfare, Nick, Rekk, Gile, myself (Repsac/Deadmerlin). I heard a lot of the Just Crusade guys are still playing together somewhere.

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Unoriginal, Semadjnalloh. Yeah I remember those names actually. SM had a sick PVP core team tbh

Ayelok: Yeah I still play Spriest actually don’t know why it posted on the one DK i never use. What toon did you play back then?

Repsac!!! The one and only! Hows it going?? I ended up not playing Vanilla (the grind, man, the grind…) Still on Elune. Coming back to retail next month looking for a guild. You play retail? Let me know.

Ziek !!
Oh boy reading those names takes me back.
This is Aldebaren (Enhancement Shaman), we played together for a while during the last couple ranks of our HWL grind.
i m still quite enjoying retail so i m not on classic but thank you for posting this, it brings back awsome memories.

My priest was in shadow manifest , rip co , and a few others

My dad was orcbob
My main was crogen

I was with AV during launch up to 2006. Mjolner Pally., I just started playing again after an 11 years hiatus.