Old school

tweaked, audacious, pahandanu, horde high council, iniquity, shek, thatpriest, roor, thedps, timarak, neme, txc, qcumbr(thatpriest), shaefer, wuzzel, kali compton, oak, Admiral, one, t o x i c, werra, harpo, Shawnbr, angrydolphin, bete noire, meet in kargath, the unholy legion, validus,veal, katemunster, pine.

just a massive shout out to the vanilla kalecgos scene, I mentioned the top guilds for both factions i remember, and some players that were huge in the community, some from drama (qcumbr, thatpriest, quel book :smiley: )

Kalecgos on classic.


I recognize alot of those names. Had a blast playing against them while I ranked.

I’ve been in a few of those guilds. Miss the days :sob:

Who were you!!!


Auxilium HYPE HYPE

Awe. Memories. But, who’s comin’ back?

Pnom here! I was on TOXIC, Meet in Kargath, Iniquity, etc…

I was 16 years old, haha. Nice to see these old names in my memory.

Shout out to blacknbeefy, tweaked, narcosis, cowmoo, cheesecake, miserry, stu, qt, stifle, aezreal, dodheim, noice, pine, fatsofat, vasago, hexa, kranium, etc…

I’m in WoW classic now on Smolderweb PVP if anyone wants to come thru.

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I played this toon. I was in Bete Noir, The Unholy Legion and one you didnt mention, The Wolf Pack.


The good old days

Good to see all the names. My character name was Kotumaru / Mrxdemix and I was in Iniquity and Meet in Kargath. I transferred from Tichondrius with OG Unholy Legion. World of Warcraft has never been nearly as fun for me as it was in classic playing on Kalecgos. The sense of community has died.

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