Old school tight knit group of Top 100 US raiders reforming for SL, LF more adults

Highest needs
Hybrid Druid/Priest players
DH or Monk

refer to above.

Almost here.

So this is the bum guild posting on my thread

Yo HMU on discord so I can slap some alpha into your beta RealPicsOnly#4722

Our definition of a raider: Someone who has been a net positive to their guild and has remained in that guild from the first progression boss to the end of the tier. LOL You better find some raiders first how about we start there

You’re a weirdo who posts from multiple characters because you get called out on your own bull. Maybe put some more effort into yourself instead of trying to scam people on a video game. How embarrassing.

Scam people? Bro form ur guild before u waste people’s time recruiting them into this beta fest

I would like to see a credit check done on y’alls raiding experience because that’s what’s being used to legitimize this entire post LOOOLL


LOL WUT, last time yall got a CE was NIGHTHOLD??? My guy… can we get this man some recruits

Bumping, doing my part to help our alt guild recruit

Always looking for qualified alt guilds to bring under our wing.


Always looking for great members

Looking for mature members only, please be of social security age before you apply.

https://youtu.be/GnCV_1QrUGI?t=599 relevant until 10:24

Good luck!

You’re more than welcome to join our alt guild for our top 100 US transmog runs, we run the deadmines T/W 8-12 EST

Oh man what’s going on here lol?

Just recruited an alt guild sieara

Wouldn’t you need to finish your main guild first? Second teams are sooo much more trouble than they are worth.