Old school tight knit group of Top 100 US raiders reforming for SL, LF more adults

Body seems unclear, is this a sentence?

Check out my latest interview with the indelible Joe Rogan

Whittaker > Till.

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Happy Monday.

Happy Thursday.

wish your times were later ;; good luck!

Money on DC baby.

Who wants to make money?
+150 odds on Omalley by KO/TKO. Thank me later.

I deeply apologize to anyone who may have lost lots of money on my behalf.

Bump bump bump it up

Waters warm, cmon in.

Welcome to the jungle.

2 months, lets go.

No tanks, no melee.

Body seems unclear, is this a complete sentence?

Where dem holy pallies at?

Most raiders are just Karens.

lets gooooooo

LCS Grand Finals, good times