Old School Eitrigg Folks?

Hi! How many of us are still around on Eitrigg from Vanilla days?
Looks like just you.
There are a few in our guild that have been playing on Eitrigg since Vanilla, including our main tank. However, they have all come to realize Shu'halo is the superior server in this relationship.
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theres a few of us around.
always been on Eitrigg!
Yo, old school Eitrigg here.
i was in Musa back in the day =)
08/28/2018 09:17 AMPosted by Valisa
Hi! How many of us are still around on Eitrigg from Vanilla days?

Me, but I mainly play my shaman or DK(Subverted) now.
Me, but I played as a Night Elf Druid back then!
I'm still here. Vanilla days when PvP was only server wide. Those were good times :)

Miss my hordie buddies in PvP. Usually had dance off mid field.
started wow in cataclysm. Been on Eitrigg from then on out!
<Horde Fallouts Vs Alliance Fallouts>
I started playing on Eitrigg 4 days after the server started. Initially as alliance, Lassanah; faction rerolled to get away from certain pesky rogues in pvp (can't beat them, join them). Still here. I remember playing with/against <We Know> and <We No> members.

<Sonic Death Monkey> guild transferred to Eitrigg as part of the server startup. Still here. Still raiding. We have a handful of original members still playing casual.

Been around since the end of vanilla. Always looking to reunite with some old bros. Definitely miss Trunks, Ytra, Alrom and Bloodysunday. If anyone knows these guys please let them know they are missed

I mainly played as a druid named Bryars and a shaman after TBC.
Guilds I mostly associated with were:
Unwashed Masses
The Covenant
Ascendo Tuum
Crusaders of Aegwynn

I transferred to eitrigg from bronzebeard, the day the opened up. We came with 10 people, but ended up clearing vanilla content through tbc. Took a year off and came back through wotlk. Then quit, til now. Cant wait until aug 26th.

I was the guild leader of Azeroths Legends. Pvp was really fun back in those days. Hopefully with classic, can relive some of those fun times with a lot of cool guildies.

Oh man, hey Valisa!

I don’t really play much anymore and kinda been following the peeps I ended up raiding with at the end of Wrath.

I still remember you doing 2’s with me in Wrath to help me get my wep for tanking!

Hey Munchen! Wow, long time no see. Are you coming back for Classic?

I will be, but playing on EU this time as I can’t commit to US schedule anymore. :frowning:
Though I will roll a char on US down the road.

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After almost 10 year break I made it back to Eitrigg. No one I once knew is here anymore. If anyone has a open spot in there guild for a old schooler hit me up!! lol