Old school black water raider people!

Does anyone remember the old Slow motion days? Does anyone remember Tony, Soulja, Bowsta, diminisher and the rest?

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YOOOO I remember those days I’m Healario / Executinoose ! Who all still plays ?

I’ve seen a few old members around here and there, though not as much recently.

Feel free to add me on btag though, Galkura#1846

Moon Guard >:(

Mal’ganis now, actually <3


I’m here!!! Carasbeara…mage…officer in the guild back then!!!

have you found any others? what server did everyone go to? BWR is dead

they all went to moonguard?

I remember Soulja and Bowsta for sure. The name Tony might ring a bell.

My main is still Sollus, just had to change name when I jumped over to MG.

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So did most the people from BWR move to Moonguard?

I think most don’t play anymore, but I know many that have gone to Stormrage, Dalaran, and Moon Guard.

oh well that sucks …ive heard moonguard alot too as a place they might have gone too…i cant even find some of them in the armory

aww sheeit yall talkin about < Bro Lotion > in here?

haha yeah!! have you seen any of the old people around

Exotavix here.

BWR is so empty =(

yo. my name was arocus. i was in ascension. holy pally in tbc. i remember all yall.

i changed my arocuses name to sefrit , im still on bwr. i cant figure out how to change my forum avatar tho >:(

Ascensions server firsts beat slow motion >:p slow motion got lady vashj on us tho. and a few others. but ascension won!

Edit. Soulja sparked that rivalry tho. for the soul purpose of making bwr a better server. it was a good time. thank yall. :slight_smile: