Old Guild Looking for New Friends (H)

[Masochistic Tendencies] is looking for more! We’ve been around off and on since 2009, originally established on Uldaman, transferred here a couple of years ago. We are looking for new friends for Dragonflight. Casual, social guild perfect for fellow Gen X’ers and aging Millennials that are tired of the grind and just want to have fun again with some fun people. And also what is UP with this newfangled dragonflying??! I’m just derping into the side of mountains over here. But I digress…

We also have a sister guild [Sadistic Tendencies] on Quel’Dorei Alliance if you lean that way.

We are mostly dungeon runners and casual raiders.

We have Discord, AND a Facebook group (because we are the old people that still use it).

So many guilds looking for hard core AOTC cutting edge, etc. If you’re looking to dial it back a bit and chill the eff out, come join us! Otherwise, get off our lawn.


Kymmi this seems like just the guild I am looking for. I added your bnet and would like to speak with you about possibly joining your group.