Old Blizz was way ahead of their time

You wanna know how many people would be freaking the hell out in retail if Blizzard added a 30 instance per day limit?


You want to farm some old transmog and look cool? Nope, you are at your daily instance limit.

You need to farm echoes in order to buy a corruption before the vendor cycles? Sorry, you are at your daily instance limit.

You trying to get longboi before it’s removed from the game so you are farming old raids/dungeons for gold/tmog/etc? Sorry, instance cap.

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Really because you can literally spend 2 seconds on Google and find forum posts/threads from 2007 (which was BC, not Vanilla) where people are talking about this exact thing.

Why is it a problem if it’s authentic to how Classic was? Players don’t need papa Blizzard to tell them how to play, that’s how you get the last 6 years of retail.


You can’t seriously think that player behavior in 2020 is anything like it was back in 2005 for most players.

How many warriors back in vanilla had SGC+HoJ? How many do now?

The % that have those 2 items now is probably several-fold higher than it was back in 2005.

Most people back in 2005 were just casual players; every server had a few raiding guilds, but it’s not like now where every server has well north of 50-100 raid groups clearing BWL and all the rest of the min-maxing that goes with that.

The players are so different now that it’s impossible to compare what we are now to what we were then as a whole. Yes I get that there was a handful of envelope pushers/min-maxers back then, but now it’s like everybody does it.

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Dude…if you think TBC was good design…you are just sad.

It is the single worst xpac the company ever made. I can not even go into outlands without being angry. The zone music alone is enough to get me angry.

I hate everything about it from the quests to the zone designs and the mob designs.

It was and still is the only xpac i unsubbed during because every time i logged on i was reminded with how badly they made it.

And people wonder why so much of the community was fighting for “NO CHANGES” when it came to Classic. This game is going to be ran into the ground just like retail because people can’t keep their hands off and just let people play the game how they want.

Tbc was trash. Pure and simple.

Because we’re coming at classic with 10+ years of private server knowledge; with all sorts of dps spreadsheets and knowhow that very few people had back when vanilla occurred.

I think this 30 instance cap brings classic more in-line with the player experience in vanilla, so I support it.

I don’t care about retail, heck I’m probably not even going to go to BC. I just wanted the classic experience to be as much like vanilla as it could be.

That’s your opinion. Imo BC was the second best expansion ever, right behind WotLK.

You unironically praised WoD and bashed Tbc in the same post. Your opinion is bad and invalid.

So because people are going into Classic with knowledge and want to min/max it, they need to have the instance cap because you don’t like that in the age of a more accessible internet and better systems, that people know what to farm for maximum benefit?

Yeah, I disagree. Let the players play the game and invest in systems to improve cheater removal. Most people playing Classic are probably old enough to make their own decisions.

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You’re absolutely right, it’s gotten worse and worse over the years. People used to focus on themselves and their own enjoyment of the game, but nowadays people are far too worried about what other players are doing and want to eliminate any advantage someone else has over them, even if it means ruining the game.


I think there’s an argument to be made that when there’s this much gold coursing through the economy that a lot of people can afford Epic Flying Mounts when we’re only in phase 4 that over-farming is a serious issue.

How many players had this type of gold even at the end of vanilla? I have 10x what my vanilla toon had entering the portal. It’s crazy imo.

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And comments like that are why Blizzard puts gold-sinks in the game like mounts that cost millions of gold and then adds plans to remove them to juice their wow token sales–looking at you longboi.

Pretty soon Blizzard is going to add WoW tokens to Classic so people like you who are mad because others have more gold are able to keep up with the pack by using your wallet.

Once again you’re spending too much time worrying about what other people are doing and not enough time focusing on yourself.


Like you said, we’re going into this with more than a decade’s worth of private realm data and hindsight. Knowing what will be in demand tends to lead to auctioneers making massive profit.

The change was aimed at bots, you know. There’s a lot of gold farms this will not even remotely impact for a lot of people. This mostly hurts jed and SGC runners.

That’s why it’s a bad change, and why it’s frustrating when uninformed people try to defend it based on some ridiculous rose-tinted narrative of the past.

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Why would I buy tokens when I have more than enough gold to raid through Naxx without even farming more at this point?

The only proper order for best to worst is


Any other order is wrong.

“Ahead of their time”

Idk why we always refer to the present or future in a negative light or that we are superior and their “old” innovative ideas should have came from modern brains. Modern humans are garbage. We are degenerating. The quality standards are going down. Customer service is now automated. The general level of giving a damn is at an all time low.

“that’s a total of 40 dungeon-runs per day!”

The April Fool’s Day joke was not as bad as what we ended up getting.


Can anyone verify that it’s per Battle.net account? The blue post only mentions that “This check is across all of your characters on your realm.” It mentions nothing about Battle.net accounts.