Old Blizz was way ahead of their time


They knew how stupid this idea was.


This implies that the new Blizz is way behind the times? Where did we all go wrong?

Or rather when?


This is also the same set of joke patch notes that included the GCD change to everything, and look what they did during BfA.


I mean, having a daily restriction of 3 runs through the same dungeon, and a total of 5 dungeons total in 24-hours per character is notably different from a static daily cap of 30 dungeons/day per character

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When Activision acquired Blizzard and it became Activision-Blizzard.

its not per character its per account.


Its per Battle.net account, so if you have 2 accounts and are trying to do something with 2 characters at the same time, it is 15 instances per day,

If you are multi-boxing 5 characters and that way of playing is becoming more popular with more powerful computers, that is 6 instances per day.

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I’ve only seen speculation regarding that. Has there been actual confirmation?

Opinion: Multi-boxing is cancer. I have little sympathy.




Thank you, I hadn’t seen that blue post yet.

Dunno why they don’t just pin all the blue posts…

LOL, it is the only blue post on this issue, it is pinned at the top and you are commenting on the issue without actually looking at the post?!
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It’s not pinned. It’s bouncing around the forum like a crack-addicted monkey.

Perhaps multiple blue posts are blurring together in my mind. Suffice it to say, I missed that one line.


Common narrative, completely false though.

Having a global cool down on many things isn’t bad, it just depends on where GCD is applied. Like for example, a GCD on damage abilities and healing abilities and typically used things is good.

Having a GCD attached to your offensive DPS or Defensive ability is no good because it takes away from those two things to a degree, and that part sucks!

A reasonable argument can be made for interrupts on GCD because of kick bots, this way the bot can’t just 360 noscope kick arena target 3.

It’s especially bad in situations where you’d have to do multiple CDs to prepare for burst, as well. Arcane has like, six on the Alpha, and had it’s burst CD doubled on top of that.

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Current Blizzard employees couldn’t care less.
They don’t have the passion that drove the old team’s success bus.


It is indeed pinned in the hotfix post.

Were you Harland on retail? I feel like we used to group together, but I’m not sure.

I dunno, when I posted that it was bouncing around in the forums like a regular unpinned post. Just sayin’

As more of the original great minds of Blizzard continue to abandon ship, the more zombies that are left running it. Modern, fake Blizzard is desperate to replicate their predecessors. They must be running out of source material if they’re pulling from april fools jokes more than once, and turning World of Warcraft into Diablo 3.


The sad part is the old guys are all out of the loop on new development. They just collect their paycheck and benefits and work for corporate.

The young guys developing the stuff are some of the worst paid in the industry and this just signals to me that the old blizz employees that remain just don’t care about the new blizz and their future.

This is stuff I heard/saw from testimonial from ex-blizzard employees. So it may not be completely true.