Old Blizz was way ahead of their time

I think there’s an argument to be made that when there’s this much gold coursing through the economy that a lot of people can afford Epic Flying Mounts when we’re only in phase 4 that over-farming is a serious issue.

How many players had this type of gold even at the end of vanilla? I have 10x what my vanilla toon had entering the portal. It’s crazy imo.

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And comments like that are why Blizzard puts gold-sinks in the game like mounts that cost millions of gold and then adds plans to remove them to juice their wow token sales–looking at you longboi.

Pretty soon Blizzard is going to add WoW tokens to Classic so people like you who are mad because others have more gold are able to keep up with the pack by using your wallet.

Once again you’re spending too much time worrying about what other people are doing and not enough time focusing on yourself.


Like you said, we’re going into this with more than a decade’s worth of private realm data and hindsight. Knowing what will be in demand tends to lead to auctioneers making massive profit.

The change was aimed at bots, you know. There’s a lot of gold farms this will not even remotely impact for a lot of people. This mostly hurts jed and SGC runners.

That’s why it’s a bad change, and why it’s frustrating when uninformed people try to defend it based on some ridiculous rose-tinted narrative of the past.

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Why would I buy tokens when I have more than enough gold to raid through Naxx without even farming more at this point?

The only proper order for best to worst is


Any other order is wrong.

“Ahead of their time”

Idk why we always refer to the present or future in a negative light or that we are superior and their “old” innovative ideas should have came from modern brains. Modern humans are garbage. We are degenerating. The quality standards are going down. Customer service is now automated. The general level of giving a damn is at an all time low.

“that’s a total of 40 dungeon-runs per day!”

The April Fool’s Day joke was not as bad as what we ended up getting.


Can anyone verify that it’s per Battle.net account? The blue post only mentions that “This check is across all of your characters on your realm.” It mentions nothing about Battle.net accounts.


Again, that does not specify whether it’s for each account, or for all accounts under the same battle.net account.

I am confused what you are trying to say there piper you post a quote of me and a blue post saying the same thing…then you do a :thinking: what you :thinking: about?

To answer both questions, I’m thinking how your post and the blue post say the same thing. You say account, meanwhile the blue post says realm. This suggests, to me, that it’s realm specific and not spread across the entirety of the account. For example, if you have characters on a different server, the lock doesn’t spread that far.

Probably either misreading that quote or pointing out that it’s per realm, not per account if I had to guess.

Edit: Hey look the second one.

Fair enough, its still not “per character”

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Definitely agree to that. Well, already knew it wasn’t the case.

On maybe a few things, but combat in Retails does seem to be a bit slower and more boring than it was in Legion. That’s one of the may reasons, I can’t play Final Fantasy XIV because it seems like every ability is on GCD. I know you guys all love the game and it’s way better than Retail… :roll_eyes:…the combat is even slower than Retail. That’s not to mention, the lame art style of the game.

  • Using friendly emotes will now significantly increase the Infernal and Doomguard’s chance to remain loyal to the Warlock.
  • Friendly emotes are no longer available to the Warlock.


When we entered a time where we wanted to ignore the past, because it didn’t fit within our version of the future.

When I say ‘our’ I mean the people in power.

pretty disingenuous to be demanding “no changes!!!” while not adhering to old school tactics and playstyle. as long as modern minmaxing exists theres already changes.

I was not a fan of legion at all, it was just clunky and bad. GCD attached to offensive and defensive CD’s is just bad the way they did it, its never felt good.

What they did and should have done are two different things.

What they should have done was to put offensive and defensive CD’s on their own unique GCD that’s not attached to the standard GCD, the standard GCD should have always included interrupts, damage and healing and dispels. While the Cooldown GCD should have been things like Paladin bubble, Recklessness, and so on.

That way you can use your offensive or defensive CD without clipping your standard abilities, but at the same time you cant push a single button and activate all your offensive CD, but that also brings up another point about retail that’s been really bad for a long time, and that’s the number of offensive and defensive CD’s that have been added since TBC, IMO most of them are a mistake and hurt the game more than they fixed anything, especially the cloned abilities are all copies of Freedom, Sprint, Divine Shield, Pain suppression, and “extra pvp trinkets” or “will of the forsaken” like abilities such as IBF.

Blizzard lacks imagination now days, and common sense. Some stuff is really cool on paper but just does not work in game, and only servers to make a real mess out of the PVE game and the PVP game.

Another thing thats pure trash is the fact that design is so bad they have an extra talent tree for PVP, that’s so horrible and such a weak fix that its embarrassing.

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