Okay, so. Was gonna buy Dragonflight:

People aren’t numbers.


Why can’t we just talk about World of Warcraft, why does everything have to be white, black, latino, asian, transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, nonbinary, dreamsexual or anything else i’m missing. Why can’t it be like Why thrall still hasn’t done anything to be a shaman again or actually put more effort into leading the horde? Wheres zappyboi, are dragons gonna be able to reproduce now that their in their homeland where they gained their amazing powers and such? How about the new mobile game or that survival game… cmon guys its not fun hearing both sides bicker and complain.


Well, after such a comment as la-li-lu-le-lo I can declare myself satisfied and Mute yet another thread.


Do you think we should all keep what defines us private, hidden from the world? A person is like a canvas, full of colors and shades. I say we celebrate that part and share it with the world instead of pointing fingers at the differences.


Then this program should use colors to define people for each category. Not a sliding scale of numbers with bigger numbers being “better” than smaller ones.


ILL BUY DRAGONFLIGHT if its a good game!

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It’s ironic that some people’s idea of “inclusion” is to divide everyone up into little separate categories. Sounds… divisive.

“Hey! Look at me! I’m not ____ist!”

Then stop making everything about ____


What we really want is rust in game chat

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Did someone say barrens chat?

Agree, but an advice: for your sanity, do like me.

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chuck norris x 10 rampaging on tru

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See, this is bait.

You made a strawman and you started punching that strawman like it was my argument.

You can’t really hide your skin color.

The problem is, they made a program to just make tokens out of what could, otherwise, be great characters. They blatantly admitted to making an AI checklist of boxes to tick.

You’re much more than your race, sexuality, etc. Boiling characters down to only that is gravely insulting.

It’s legitimately like an In Living Color Sketch:


Friends, when they make a good game and give rust in game chat, I promise I will save you when you are in peril whether you a gay straight white black any shade of brown.

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Sounds like bait but imma bite.

Everyone wants to be treated equally. Nobody wants to be shunned from society. Then lets treat everyone like you would do a white person. Ignore em and move on with your life because thats how I get treated and thats how most white men get treated. We aren’t talked to or shunned, If anything we’re pretty much avoided. As a introvert I find this acceptable. So lets treat everyone like their human and not bother them unless they need to be. Like stock piling all the toilet paper in their cart when we have a toilet paper shortage. Go up to them and talk to em / bother em.


Watch the sketch I posted above.

That’s… Blizzard’s level of presenting characters of diversity. But unironically and not as a joke.


Are you offended because computers need programs and check lists to function ? Or maybe you’re angry because you think it’s going to influence the story and lore on a fundamental level ? I think you’re taking this a bit too far.


I think they tried tho and they just complain to much and then you are all surprised when then are vindictive about it.

Atleast if im crying for them to make a good game everyday what are they guna do. Make it worse and sell less games? they gatta love me

Thats what they have been doing though? We want better they give us worse.

Yeah, I wish I could find whoever asked for bfa and shadowlands. who thought it was a good idea.

to be fair. I didnt mind bfa. But I would never play it again.