Okay, so. Was gonna buy Dragonflight:

Then this happened:


Why are you reducing characters down to their colors, sexuality, etc.?

That’s… actually legitimately sexist and racist.

Just… no. Bad. Stop segregating and choosing things based off of a bunch of predefined traits.

What you’re doing is called actual Tokenism. Which is actually racist. What is wrong with you? Why can’t you be normal?

You’re making characters based off immutable traits for the purpose of having them to show your diversity like a parade and pony show. That’s messed up, man. Especially if you have an AI algorithm telling you to just give them these traits for the sole purpose of showing them off for attention and adoration.

That’s seriously messed up.


Rainbow capitalism baybeeeeee.


Except they looped right back around from being supportive of diversity right back around to the other side of the horse shoe.

Holy snaps, man. This is, legitimately, “I have a black friend (or character), so I’m not racist,” levels of dumb.


This is why companies should never appeal to the woke crowd.


Can anyone explain why does Zarya get some point in Gender Identity in the graph?


It’s like, I don’t care if a character is gay, lesbian, etc.

I don’t care about their color.

If you want to have a black character? Cool. Is there anything else about him other than black? Oh? He’s disabled and gay? I fail to see how that makes him a character. That makes him a token check-list.

They’ve jumped the shark.



Yes, that’s the point of rainbow capitalism.

It’s not about companies being pro-LGBT, it’s about them appearing to be. I would put money on that tool (or tools like it) existing for years, this is nothing more than Blizzard saying the quiet part out loud.


Thats what blizzard does serves you a product no one asked for. are you really surprised. next topic. LETS MAKE WoW GREAT AGAIN.


With this tool, we’re gonna have Shadowlands on Fire 2, Alextrasza Boogaloo.



sounds hot

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Fire usually is.


Non-Standard Body type and profession for women.

Boiled down to stereotypes, it’s fairly rare that the “heavy” isn’t a male, and characters whose backgrounds are extreme athleticism in the vein of Zarya’s (professional weightlifter) are almost exclusively male.

She’s also super heavily gay-coded, but Blizzard are too cowardly to make her a gay character so they went for the safer bet in S76 and Tracer.

You don’t.

But Blizzard (and other companies) very obviously have the analytics that people do care about that kind of stuff.

At the heart of a lot of character designs is the cold math where the appeal of characters based on their characteristics like being gay, black, disabled, etc, outweighs the “disappeal” that those characters cause.


Only thing I personally don’t like is it seems to just put people into some formula. Like I get it, cartoons have token personalities for everyone to latch onto. It sells, but knowing there is a science behind it just makes characters feel like a checklist rather than part of the story.


Well there are a lot of Youtubers saying how they want the female dragon forms to have big boobs but reptiles dont have them and dragons are reptiles and they are calling for the male dragons to be more masculine. A reptiles muscles are so much more different from any mammal. Reptiles are much stronger in proportion to size.

Dont need big this or big that and also human looking on a dragon.

I just want to have fun without everyone complaining about the new expac.


All this is smoke and mirrors, to distract us from the real, enormous problems plaguing the world in 2022, in order to keep doing absolutely zilch to try and solve them, and nobody the wiser.
As I said, I am a pacifist. Always been. And never felt so unwelcome and unrepresented as now. And if I sound like a broken record, you do, too.




I don’t understand the kind of reverse psychology OP is using. They promise to be more inclusive and the response is that it’s really racist and sexist. Mind blown. Just so you know, sometimes it’s fun to feel represented, even in a caricatural way. And humans are oh so diverse. I think this tool could lead to some interesting results.


Oh brother… It’s truly an obsessive culture.


I am convinced that these companies are receiving something under the table to constantly peddle this stuff out. It’s not popular. The net result is negative.

On second thought, they’re just doing like so many other companies and using it for cover for when their ideas are perceived as trash. “Oh, they’re just ___ist and ____ist.”