Ok I just got thrown for a loop

Was doing Mechanar. Pulled Mechano Lord. All the way to stairs. Doing stairs strat. See enhance shaman down in the pit getting lit up with bombs. He tells me I’m griefing melee by doing this weird strat that’s not how people do it and that he is MT of his guild.

I tell him I’ve tanked for 15 years and never done any other strat.

“Well you’ll get parried being up front.”

So I questioned his decision making as a tank when confronted with the choice of standing in bad or having a 5% dps loss due to parrying because he’s in front of the boss.

Did I miss something? Did the strat change? Is there something other people are doing?


Just sounds like he has a fragile ego and can’t handle people seeing him getting lit up.


Nothing changed . that’s the strat. Did the guy hit into the reflect damage buff too?


Did you really get “throw for a loop”?

Sounds like you ran a dungeon and some random dude slightly disagreed about a strat


It doesn’t matter where you have the boss. Nothing stops other people from being behind to avoid parries. Furthermore, if he doesn’t like how you’re doing it, tell him to bring that raid tank he bragged about and do it himself.

Who knew Heroic Mechanar was where the real dps competition is fought?


Why are you kiting it anyways? You could face tank it without a single issue in preraid bis.

You are grieving.


Tanking for 15 years and being a good tank are not the same thing there champ.


Survey says…. That was a lie

you just tank him out on the floor where he stands. Stairs is a dad strat

ignore him, his guild and anyone he’s friends with and move on with your life.

You’re dumb, the stair strat makes it so the bombs don’t spawn on the stairs. The tank just needs to be on the edge, and the melee between 90 and 180 degrees away from the tank. The melee can still stand with the tank, who cares if he gets parried sometimes. The shaman was in the wrong here.


Yeah, and you get dodged when attacking from in the back.

And Expertise is a thing.

get expertise then

Front, back, side, upside down attacking the head? All ways lead to death…

I thought the strat was to be a good tank with giga threat and armor cap and just kill the boss at the same spot he aggrod at? I could be wrong.

When I tank I decide, when someone else tanks they decide. As long as we kill the boss thats the end of the discussion as far as I am concerned.

Want to use your strat? Then tank. If the tank asks? That is when your opinion matters.

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It isn’t wrong to use whatever strat so long as it works. That said, I’m just sitting here astounded at the idea that there are even “strats” for mechanar in the first place.

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O you think your strat will be 10 seconds faster? Sweet lets spend 2 minutes talking about it for a 1 minute boss.

You think this is bad? I did a H OHB about a month ago with a Shaman who said that I shouldn’t put WF Weapon on my weapons because it didn’t stack with WF Totem.

Sounds like someone didnt read the tooltips lol