OG Uldum - Classic WoW


So, who all from the OG days are planning to pay classic? I know Toutprest, Falkuron, Myself are planning to do a PVP server this time around. Sicgnome, Bolavere, and others have expressed interest in doing this as well.

Hope to see some old faces around, and if anyone else wants to join the same server we should figure it all out before release.

Hope everyone is doing well!


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I will 100% be playing Classic. I’ve been around since May 7th 2005. WoW was my life for so many years, and I’ll always love vanilla the most, especially the pre crossrealm PvP days when it was just Uldum Horde vs. Uldum Alliance.

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I’ve recently discovered this game again and will be nerding out in classic.
-Bilfralfbuzz (I don’t remember how I came up with such a stupid name!)


I recognize both these names! Gareth you’ve always been horde, I remember seeing you in PVP, and Bilfralfbuzz def a name you remember lol. You guys going PVP server this time around or staying PVE?


Haha. Bilf! Gareth! Bringing back the good times and name drop!

Looking forward to Classic and will we have some server rivalry for good time’s sake?

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Cant wait for classic. Hope to see alot of old fimilar names. PvP server for sure!!

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Omegawepon, glad to see you still cant spell

its all about the WEEEEEpon!!

A bunch of people in my guild are still around from those days. There’s probably going to be a bunch of old faces pop out of the woodwork :slight_smile:

So I randomly thought about hopping into Uldum Forums to see if someone I knew had posted. Are you serious right now Djoshe or you just making me hopeful.

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Hello, old friends and rivals. I’ll be playing again, though much more casually this time around. I hope to see some of you again in the fields of battle or the comedy club of Barrens chat!

I’ll be playing! I stopped playing on Uldum after Vanilla, but it was some of the best times I’ve had. I remember playing those multi-day long AV battles where horde would just try to survive the nights outnumbered 20 v 40.

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I may be remembering this wrong, But if memory serves Bone you always would troll everything that ever happened anywhere on the forums lol. I loved it.

“So-and-so ninjalooted” - No he didn’t I was there - Bonebag
That guy is my cousin, I was at his house and can verify this is not how it happened. Etc.

Best freaking posts ever.

Hell yes we will! lol

I will 100% be on PvE. If there’s a Classic Uldum I’ll be there.

I was on Uldum as a NE priest called mccaffrey. Raided with Adrastus/Poor Play for BWL and AQ.

I quit just before Naxx and came back casually at the end of MoP. Mostly play on and off for a month or two at a time with long breaks. I’ll play Classic if it’s with people from back then.

Mccaffreye, shoot me a message on Discord: Dj#6070. A lot of us are going to do a pvp server this time around, but Tout and Falk and the guys still play regularly together.

Sent you a friend request, it won’t let me send you a DM. I’m Ed#9321 on Discord.

I WILL be playing CLASSIC. And the Horde will face my WRATH once more on the field of battle!

Bilf! It’s Bloo. You should hit me up on discord (pandabearcat#8082), would love to catch up/play classic with ya.