Officially completed over 100 Jed kills - without seeing a single Briarwood Reed

I’ve kept a drop log starting at I’d say around 15-20 kills, and I’m up to 100 on it now, and not only have I not received it, I have not even seen it, I have however, seen 68 Starfire Tiaras

Someone tell me your unlucky grinds to ease the pain.


156 MC clears before the right bindings dropped for me.


Pretty much the same drop rate data for me too, killed Jed at least 100 times and never even seen it drop one time.

took me 10 times, and I thought I was unlucky.

The worst part is doing the rend fight which takes forever.

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It dropped from first attempt but I lost roll to druid. 10 other runs were either wand or cloth crown. Most runs end on instance lock. I ran over 30 Scholo. Never seen wand from last boss.

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I had to kill, probably close to 200 mobs before staff of jordan finally dropped


I got my reed my first try at level 58.

/dashes out of thread to avoid the hate.


65 Ubrs runs in vanilla for Devout Crown. And the time I got it wasn’t close to the first time it dropped.

125+ school runs for my bonecreeper stylus wand…the week after AV drops and the wand from a simple quest is instantly better.

In comparison it took about 5 Jed runs to get my reed

And about 80 unsuccessful Strat UD runs to get my “pimp” hat. I never got it, instead got t2 drop

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Ugh, I feel for you. I’ve had lots of the same bad luck on other drops. Fortunately for me the first time I saw Jed it dropped and I won it. I know I got super lucky on that, it was about my 5th UBRS run too.

Here’s hoping your next kill is the wining one!

Woah, that’s really lucky considering the Devout Crown doesn’t even drop in UBRS.


Well the first time a mageblade dropped in MC I won with a 58 roll against 8 or so other people.

It was horrible.

On a more serious note, dozens of DMN runs and no bracers dropped before i gave up and bought felheart.

The Archivist Cape of frozen wrath …I did some were between 150-200 runs before getting it.

Deathcharger’s Rains I have farmed that place since vanilla and have never seen them drop once. I have farmed it 500+ times in each expansion, at this point I would just be happy to see it drop even if I dont get it…I am starting to suspect it is a myth.

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Over 70 kills on angerforge and have only seen HoJ drop once. Of course I didn’t win the roll.

Yet at the same time, today I got 2 arcane crystals off the same node.

Our raid team has only seen one talisman out of MC, yet other raids have seen 2 Eyes of Sulfuron.

C’thuloot - don’t try and understand it lest ye go mad.

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“I don’t believe you”


lol mate you must be really really really unlucky with that. Drop rate is like 30% or something :smiley:

200+ nilla LBRS runs. Never managed to assemble the UBRS key. Almost at that lvl range again too…

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You must appease the loot gods if you are to attain divine rng.

Don’t vendor useless boe green items. They are gifts from the loot gods and vendoring them will result in their anger and cursing of your rng. Next time you get mail with arcane wrath know you are blessed in their favor.

Don’t leave loot to rot, the vendor is the shepard of lost greys. This especially angers the loot gods for if you will not suffer their abundance than you will not appreciate their favor. In your time of need they will smite down your roll and favor a hunter instead.

Mobs unkilled before thine rares further enrages the keepers of rng, skipped bosses guarantee their wrath. Clear all the trash to know thy favor is assured!

The only way I know that will gain their favor is sacrifice, specifically the destruction of epic quality items. Find and destroy a lionheart helmet and they will surely favor you once more.


This post makes me feel better. The most common crap that drops from MC, my guild never sees. I’m talking Aurastone hammer, Choker of Enlightenment common. Were months in and the hammer has only dropped 2x, the last being 1.5 months ago. It’s so frustrating somedays that I want to punch a hole through my monitor.

Lol, ok fair enough. Whichever devout piece the end boss of UBRS drops.