Official Hardcore Servers

WoW should have hardcore servers because it would add a whole new level of excitement and challenge to the game. For starters, players would have to be extra careful when choosing their character builds and playstyles. Death would have real consequences, as players would have to start all over again from scratch if their character dies. This would add a much-needed sense of risk to the game and would bring a whole new level of excitement.

Moreover, the community in hardcore servers would be much stronger. Players would have to rely on each other to survive, leading to increased cooperation and teamwork. Raids would become much more meaningful and strategic, as every death would have real consequences. The thrill of finally downing a raid boss after countless attempts would be unparalleled.

Furthermore, hardcore servers would also provide a space for more experienced players to test their skills and compete against each other. Players who have already reached the highest level and completed all the content in normal servers would have a new challenge to tackle. The leaderboards in hardcore servers would be a great way to showcase the best players and would add a whole new level of competition to the game.

Additionally, having hardcore servers would also bring a whole new level of realism to the game. The idea of having a second life in a video game goes against the principles of role-playing games, where players are supposed to fully immerse themselves in the game world. Hardcore servers would allow players to fully immerse themselves in the game and experience what it would be like to live and die in a virtual world.

Finally, hardcore servers would also attract a whole new player base to the game. Players who are looking for a more challenging and exciting gaming experience would be drawn to the hardcore servers. This would bring in a new influx of players, which would not only benefit the game but also the WoW community as a whole.

In conclusion, WoW should have hardcore servers because they would add a new level of excitement and challenge to the game, increase player cooperation and teamwork, provide a space for experienced players to compete, bring a new level of realism to the game, and attract a new player base. The benefits of having hardcore servers are undeniable, and it’s high time Blizzard added them to the game.


It’d get all the HC people off of my roleplaying server. I 100% support this.


Dont we have WCL for that

Why don’t all the HC players just do a mass exodus to a low pop realm?

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They did, they’re on Bloodsail Buccaneers on Classic Era


i just like the idea of everyone on a server being forced to abide by death = delete, rather than having to rely on an addon that you can’t be sure everyone is using. And it’s a simple enough request that you can’t use the DoN’t WaStE tHeIr DeVeLoPmEnT tImE excuse.

No shot at getting hardcore servers.

pulling 1 mob one at a time/not going into caves/playing like a total pansy isnt hardcore, its just cringe and boring. i assume you are either 50 years old and very bad at the game OR delusional to think its actually challenging

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These posts always make me laugh because they’re just coming from a place of insecurity. I know that because I used to be just like you. Clearly you’ve never even tried it so don’t understand the random situations that can arise. Talk to me after you’ve done it haha.

I died on the undercity elevators the first time I tried it. Is it hard riding the elevators? No. But it takes discipline to wait a full cycle when you could just walk on because the door is still open. Playing with that kind of discipline for every moment in the game is the challenge.

Also, you have to go in a cave if you want a void walker, for instance. Sure you can wait until they are gray mobs, but that would require discipline. Which, as stated below, is the true challenge.


But fantasizing as a night elf who is immortal and can never die isn’t?

The challenge in hardcore is being disciplined.


yeh the true challenge… staying in elwynn until lvl 16 to venture on to westfall. damn thats hardcore. you need to grow up

I’m going to grow up by playing a video game differently? Are you 12 going on 13?


you could in theory just kill 1 very safe mob near a town, wait for it to respawn, and do it again, only finally changing when the mob becomes grey to you.

in practice, most people take risks in order to make things go faster. that’s where the fun (and the tragedy) begins.


TBH It should be renamed “survivalist mode” or something. Hardcore is kind of a misleading name. Just take zero chances and you will succeed. Was way too boring for me though I got to level 30 and had to call it quits. It was KIND OF fun around level 10 because alot of people were in the world around me at that level but the lack of group play and just mindlessly grinding one mob at a time got to me. Maybe ill continue one day again.

it’s called hardcore because that’s what it was called in diablo.

This would be insane, in a very entertaining way.
To see the world rank 1 pvper die if they were beaten, and just cycling on to the next one.
The insane time commitment just to attempt a challenge, only to be destroyed shortly thereafter.

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You could. But at what cost?

Your life?

It’s time

When even grays is getting tired of hardcore you know it’s pretty much over.

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