Official Declaration of Victory

I, Basedgodbm, Guild Master of The Guard, Conqueror of Orgrimmar, am officially declaring victory over the RP community of Emerald Dream. Since we came to this server, we have sought to quell the infestation that had plagued this realm for so many years. Through bounty boards, slander, threats, and harassment, The Guard has weathered the storm and fought to create an Emerald Dream we could call home. In that time, countless guilds have fallen before us, limping away to play League of Legends and ERP on Moon Guard. RPers were forced to face the harsh realities of playing on a PvP server with THE World PvP guild. The glory of PvP has swept across the realm, and Emerald Dream is finally on the path to discover its true potential with The Guard and other PvPers at the helm. This is the gift I have given you.

The World PvP Comes To Us


I am Body Type None, I demand you all refer to me as Body Type None or the government will make sure you are canceled.

The Guard is Victorious!



The time is now to reclaim what was rightfully ours, to begin with! no RPers exist anymore on Emerald Dream, and hasn’t been since bfa… @Blizz it’s time to bring back (PVP) into the title of Emerald Dream! it use to be a RPPVP server then just RP but there hasn’t been any RP for many years now and only PVPers. It’s time this server becomes fully PVP!!!


Alliance members we call on you to pick your banners back up and fight for your nation, your people, and your liberty! For The Alliance!!

Horde members, we know where you sleep.
(in filthy pagan huts)


Those who oppose us ALWAYS fall before us.

The Guard remains true and loyal to its members and faction. We’ve endured ruthless and endless attacks in all forms from outside or attempts to break the boundaries from within. However, The Guard cannot be broken. We cannot be swayed. We bleed colors of The Guard. Our skin stained with the blood of our enemies.

The Guard is victorious over the RP community. Alliance brethren, rise up and join us as we bring our faction and Emerald Dream to its true potential. Unsheathe your swords and sharpen your wisdom, the horde pagans are growing in numbers and preparing for what’s to come. They fear our name and the success of those who follow us as we purge these lands of the RP’rs and Pagans.

RISE brethren, RISE! For our time has come.

The World PvP Comes to Us


The Guard does not consider it a successful wedding if fewer than three Orcs have been slaughtered in the process.



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You might want to look a little closer. Their are RP guilds here. Just because some of them left doesn’t mean everyone left. I also lead an RP guild and to be honest I love it here as an RP’er. I’ve run into other RP’ers just questing too. I’ve been on a few RP servers and this one is the best by far.


You will be Borg’d Bane!


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Also in this crushing victory, the Blizzard powers that be need to bestow a special and now unique privilege upon Emerald Dream, make it the sole dedicated auto-flagged-at-level-20 pvp server! Let the blood flow! Skulls for the Skull God!

I’m writing my local congressman, and calling Geraldo Rivera!


I’ve been Banegrivm since 1999 dude!

I’ve never been borg’d and you know it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Must suck to fail the guard. Rp community is still here despite your best efforts. And a reminder ED is a RP server still. Which means you will never be rid of rpers coming here to migrate. While the rp ranges from casual to hardcore. There is always something for someone. Even you guys do light rp just pretending you care about the alliance. I meam how adorable you guys dislike rpers but a light weight rpers yourselves.


I’m seeing more and more refugees from ED and WRA every other day and I’ve been told the same from others who play here. Also I’ve been passionate about a project that I’ve been working for the server to try and make it better for everyone. Their is no ego here! This isn’t done for me or my ego. I just wanted to help.

I set up a Discord special for Emerald Dream. It’s called Soldiers of Azeroth (a fitting name for RP PvP I felt) and if you go to TinyurlDOTcom/wowsoa it’ll take you straight into the Discord. This isn’t like past groups I give you my absolute word. I just wanted to do something nice and to help people out. It’s starting to get more and more people in it. Please feel free to spread this around.

Oh and last but not least guild leaders get a special channel called the round table where they can hash out any sort of issues that might crop up. I’ve also set them up with mod powers too. I didn’t want anyone to feel excluded or like they don’t matter.


I thank you greatly.

I have been wanting to get back into PVP in DF and am still undecided if I will stay in the guild I am currently in or if I will look elsewhere.

This toxic and arrogant thread has made my decision easier with one less guild to consider.


This is the gift I have given you.


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The Guard is the supreme power of the realm. Always has been and always will be. When / IF The Redwood Tribes ever can muster the courage to turn on Warmode instead of cowardly hiding in their village the tribe will most certainly be no more.


Hit me with your best hot! YEAH BABY FIRE AWAY!!


I will not tolerate your besmirching of my guild!

I, Mordain of Ironforge, Knight-Champion of the Alliance, and honorable member of The Guard hereby challenge you to a duel. Tomorrow 11/15. The location is Elwynn Forest, just 100m west of Tower of Azor! 8pm server time! Be there or forever be known as the cowardly lying plebeian that your post has shown you to be!

By my blade and the purity of honor shall you eat your words, Cow of the Redwood Tribe! I refute you, your dishonorable and untrue words! You are a stain upon your kind!

Let our blades settle this!

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((Technically this character is dead))

But you want to have a fight I am willing to do so. especially on release day when all SL legendaries are rendered useless. I am certainly down for that. Ill pop onto one of my alts and fight you and even if I lose does not mean spit. I never claimed to be a pvper what so ever. But if it makes you feel better i will do 1v1 combat against you.

and congrats you guys are role playing.

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Damn I never got a chance to try it out, oh well.